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What Color Bindings Should I Get?

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Made ya look! wink.gif

Actually, I have a serious binding question and thought I might go with a provocative headline to draw in the punters.

I've been skiing for 30 years and grew up skiing Sierra Cement very, very fast. Back then, I was on GS race skis most of the time and, aside from a single pair of Tyrolias, my bindings were always Ess, either 512 Race or 614 Race. I loved the VAR system and used it frequently to adjust for morning ice or afternoon crud. Also liked the floating heel and how it didn't let my size 31 boot put a giant flat spot in the ski.

Now I'm 45 and going into my 3rd post hiatus season (I spent 5 years living in Oklahoma, raising kids) since moving to Colorado. When I first got here, I focused my energy and dollars on boots, going with a pair of Salomon Impact 120CS, massaged onto my big feet by an excellent bootfitter.

The last two seasons, I've been on some K2 Hardsides I picked up for a song. I got some Salomon STH 12 mounted on those. I found they were great for helping me get my mojo back, but they chattered at speed, got squirrelly in crud and, unsurprisingly, hated deep fresh snow.

That brings us up to the decision at hand. After demoing a few skis last season, I went ahead and picked up a pair of Volkl Kendos (184) last week (for a killer price, I might add). The question, of course, being What binding do I put on them?

Here's some clarifying info.

Age: 45
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 290
DIN: 10
Skis: Fast, in the fall line, mostly on groomers with occasional trips to the bowls. (BC, Vail with A-Basin at start and end of season)

Ski shop guy was looking to put me on some Salomon Z12s. Another shop was pushing the Marker Jester Schizo, as it has the fore-aft adjustability my old Ess bindings did.

Truth is, I just don't know which way to go. I do know I'd like to keep my price down (I'm not made of money), so I'm open to previous years' product (to a point, don't want something that falls off the IL in 2 years!).

Any advice is hugely appreciated.
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Oklahoma to Colorado, sweet. I think you'll like your Kendos. In all honesty, all certified modern bindings are solid and well engineered. Find some that have a DIN suitable for your size - I'd think 16-18, so the spring has some room before it hits the wall, with a 90 mm brake, and go for the price. Personal favs: Look/Rossignol pivots, like the Rossi 180 FKS, and Tyrolia/Head/Fischer's like the Peak 18. 

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So, serves me right for taking the piss in my title, but I've taken beyond's advice and gone with the Look Pivot 14. I found a set of last year's on discount that'll put it right about where the Salomon were price wise for what is, I know, a better quality binding.

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