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IRUL is back

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Lakers must have done something.

Not sure what.

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Well, basically, they haven't disposed of Kobe Bryant - that's what they've "done".
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What are these "Lakers" you speak of?
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don't be so stupid,
LAKERS is a Chicago term for heavy precipitation due to location, i.e. the LAKe Effect Rain Storm

Over here it has other meanings, such as someone who lives in the Lake District, e.g. in Windermere. It could also refer to the family of the man who invented cheap US-Euro airfares: Sir Freddy Laker.

Now, do I need to continue your education with a definition of "Textbook Doggie"?

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The fact that i've reverted to my former nom de plume does not indicate that the Lakers have ceased to suck. The will go only as far as Shaq's arthritic toe, bad knee and fat ass will take them.
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which is the same distance they've gone the past three seasons. repeat: get out of the way, real team movin' through.
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