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Am I nuts for trying to ski these...

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Last time I skied was over 10 years ago while in college and I was hitting the slopes 25-35 days per year.  In my senior year I was on the skis below and I probably only put 3-5 days on each set that last season.

I was a level 8 skier at that time and had skied since I was 7 years old as my folks had a place a Loon. 


The skis I have are Dynastar Skicross 66 170s which are 107/66/94 on Look Pivot 12 bindings and Salomon Superaxe Equipe 3V on plated Tyrolia D8 binding which I have no idea of their measurements.  Both pairs were stored properly and are in like new shape and the bindings were checked for proper release at my local ski shop last season when I was considering a trip at that time.


Here I am 10 years later and an avid cyclist that is looking to give skiing another go at the northeast resorts.  I definitely plan to invest in new boots and insoles (my old Atomic Beta Race 10.50s are probably too stiff for me now given my skill erosion from not skiing for 10 years) but am apprehensive about forking over the cash for "modern" skis. 


Has the experience truly changed that drastically with the new "fat" skis where I can't get a season out of the skis I have?




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They will be just fine.

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those 66's will be a blast on EC HP.  Rip it up!

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You can certainly ski on these for awhile.  You may want to upgrade at some point, but these will certainly serve while you get your feet on the ground and re-discover your form.  I had a pair of Dynastar 63's from that same era, and I would be more than willing to ski them today if that's what I had.  These skis will ski well with fairly modern technique -- especially if you're on hard/groomed snow.  


Go out, ski, have fun, and find out if you're going to re-enter in a bigger way.  Only then should you think about new skis. 

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Agree with the rest that they be just fine on hard pack and corduroy groomers. If you take a trip out west you may want to rent something fatter if it snows big while you are there.  You won't get much more utility out of anything fatter unless you are skiing more than 6" of ungroomed fresh snow.

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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post

They will be just fine.

What he said.

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