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Upgrade Skis or Boots First?

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Hello all, new to the forums here. Last year was my first year racing in NASTAR. I (female, mid 30s) would like to start upgrading my equipment this year (limited budget) and am wondering if it is more important to get better boots or better skis first (I can probably only get one of the two for this season). I currently have k2 superific skis and tecnica phoenix boots, would like to get something like Dynastar junior GS skis and Lange race boots. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if it's relevant, but I'm skiing on a rather small hill in the midwest, so the course is set fairly tight.

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Hi Quietadventurer and welcome to epic ski!

I can't tell you for sure which you need to do, but I can throw out some general guidelines and suggestions to help you decide.

There is a ton of info on epic and especially in the Ask the Boot Guys Forum, on boots. There is a sticky there that should be quite helpful on how to size boots and how they should fit. Well worth the read.

Next I would say in general terms, boots are more important than skis so it is important to get a proper fitting boot that is right for you. The boot is how you tell the skis what to do so if they don't fit well, they don't communicate well, so even if you are on perfect skis, you won't ski as well as you could be.

The challenge for you is it depends on how well you boots fit. If they fit properly, you're probably fine with them and go for skis. Chances are that they are too big and in that case, you should go for boots. If you read the sticky in the boot guys forum on shell fit, you should be able to figure this out. Most folks need to go to a boot fitter to get the fit right and get custom insoles. If you didn't do that or know how to do it yourself, chances are that you are in the wrong boot and in the wrong size. Most all of us do this and I'm now in a boot 3 sizes smaller than my original boots.

Getting boots and skis right is only part of the formula. They will enable you to be able to ski and race better. Think of it as you want to drive 100 mph but your car was designed to only do 60. You buy a car that can go 120, so 100mph won't be a problem.....for the car. You still need to know how to safely drive at that speed. I bring this up so you know that when you upgrade your gear, you don't think you just bought yourself a NASTAR platinum pin. If you already know how to race well, then maybe you will have bought it.

I'm sure others will chime in with more helpful suggestions.

Have fun and welcome,

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Boots - be prepared to pay top dollar in a store with an experienced boot fitter. Prioritise boots above anything else. Skis - you can hope to pick up bargains either second hand or old stock from on-line sources. A junior GS ski in something like 165/r17 or 170/r19 could be a good choice and shouldn't be too expensive used. However a key factor in determining whether a junior ski will work is what you weigh.

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Boots. I love my Lange RS SC boots, but know that they're a low volume boot that works well for certain kinds of feet. Find yourself an experienced boot fitter, and make sure he takes your athleti aspirations seriously. I think you'll be very pleased with the results!

As for skis, hit up a ski swap for a used pair of something suitable just to save on the daily rental fee.
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  Nastar is an excellent way to improve your all around skiing. I would suggest getting your skis tuned to start with and asking the Pacesetter at your area what He or She recommends and what shop they like as far as purchasing equipment. Sometimes there are good sources of used gear also.

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