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No pop-ups, no banners please. I'll send more money. Powder's board is slow too.
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Again yesterday/today is weird.

Signed into chat room....no problem Thursday. Tried Friday...got in, then left when no one else entered.

Here is the weird part...after signing off, saw 2 people listed. Tried to sign in, but couldn't. I did a shut down, and then noticed no one listed as being in the chat room, but I got in! No fun talking to myself, so left.

Later...6:52PM Eastern US, saw 3 people listed as being in the chat room. I was able to sign on, but no one was there!!!
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No fun talking to myself, so left.
Just do what I do and talk to all the voices in your head!
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Its working intermittently. I could get in this morning, but not this aftrernoon.
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I think the system list people in the chat room even if they are having a "private" conversation IE: "not a public chat"

I wonder if that is what you are seeing.

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Have we got a new chatroom?
When I logged on today (and it went straight in), one of the login lines said irc.foxlink.net, now whether this is out of respect for me, or not, I don't know, but at least it's working.
I discovered that if you log in using the name it gives you, then change once you're in, it seems to work fine.

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