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Atomic Redster Pro vs Lange RX 130

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Well after skiing two years on my Full tilt boots i decided one day skiing a nice crudded run at Snowbird in April this year that i hate these boots and they suck after the novelty of the being light and the super comfy liner and rubber soles for walking on rocks on... heal hold sucked and i missed 4 buckle race boots!!!!


Ever since i was 7 i skied in race boots either Atomic or Lange so i popped in to see my local ski shop and asked to get fitted etc again... they don't have any new boots for this season in yet so i just got my foot looked at etc...


I have a super small ankle and long feet US 13 in nike trainers but wear a 28.5 ski boot...


He suggested either the Lange 130 RX low volume or the Atomic Redster Pro 130 for my foot and what i was looking for... 


now its hard to see reviews where they are compared and just wondering what thoughts everyone had on here for them both???

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bumping as there must be some opinions... 

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I skied in the Redster Pro 130 halfway through last year and the RX130 two years before that so I guess I am the guy you are looking for.  While both decent boots, they were wimpy SUCKED compared to a real race boot and I overflexed CRUSHED them.  I went to a Lange RS140 which really isn't even a true race boot and never looked back. The problem with most 130's these days is that everyone who can barely ski thinks they need the "Pro" 130 models. Consequently, they are all dumbed down versions of a real 130 and ski more like a 110.  Those two bools you are looking at are actually pretty similar flex wise i.e. TOO SOFT, and the RX130 is the more temperature sensitive of the two.  In the spring the RX130 were waaaaay too soft and leaked like a sieve.  I have 13.5B feet and skied them both in a 29.5.  If I had to pick between the two the nod would go to the Atomic but if I were you I would forget about those two boots and look at a Lange RS130 or RS140 in a 97 last depending upon your height and weight or maybe a Redster World Cup 130 or 150 which come in a 95 last.  With the RS140's and the Atomics you get nice lace up liner which you don't get in the RS130.   Alpine Base and Edge in Boulder has a good sale on race boots right now and has the 2014 Redster World Cups for $300 which is a steal. They are a great shop.



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Check out the below thread dedicated to the Redster Pro boots.




I'm a member and have skied the 130 Pro for 2 seasons now. I can't agree the boot is wimpy like a 110 flex, and, I'm 200 lbs. I had a fitting session in them, and, the fitter thought they were too stiff as I have a hard time getting much flex in them. On cold days, they need some warming to get out of. I've been very pleased with the boot both on the snow and for the performance fit. I've got a long, narrow foot and the narrow last width is a great match. I've got a 11 1/2 or 12 foot and the 28.5 fits great after a little toe box grinding on one boot. The removable liner is ok, but, I'll be in the market for a replacement sometime in the near future.


With respect to crushing the boot, I don't try to apply a lot of force to the the boot front when I ski. I just try to maintain contact with the tongue of the boot and focus on tipping to higher edge angles. 


Never skied the Langes.

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Hi.  What GoodSki above says about these boots makes good sense to me, and explains a lot to me, a lighter skier.


 I currently ski on all three Langes, the 13/14 RX 130 LV, the 13/14 RS 130 (just as low volume) and the '12 World Cup Comp 140s (even less volume).  (Don't know the Atomics.)


I've also had Lange RX 120s, which are great for me also, but softer.  Better for low speed carving as opposed to sl/gs type edge riding, than the other three, and enjoyable at any speed. 


I've liked all three Langes being mentioned. For me they improve in most ways on the RX 120s, and I use them all in overlapping but different situations.


I have a B/C size width in toes and narrower ankles/heal, and Langes fit great for my feet, no mods required.


All three boots started out stiffer, even uncomfortable, but in 3-4 times out got noticeably more comfortable and less stiff, near perfect fit for me.  And great flex. 


 I'm 5'10", 145 lbs. 

26.5 size.  I like a forward tilt/lean underfoot. 


To me, the RX 130s are too flexible to be a race-type boot, but fun to carve fast and play on.  They are a powder/bump/relaxing frontside boot for me.

Oh, and they are built with a more upright stance, higher than I like, so I have a triangle wedge under each heal to put me farther forward, to where the other two boots are to begin with (used for 2+ seasons).


More upright, new technique, fat ski slarvers of all skill levels often like this boot.

For some I've talked to, the liners get packed out and need replacing after a single season or so of hard use. (Mine still seem to be fine.)


The 140 WC Comps I use when I want to roll up the ankles, really drive the tips and get a high edge angle at speed on, say, a pair of GS frontside near-race charger skis.  Race imitation. These boots are a decided advantage on edge at high speed. Fun!

For me these boots fit, work, but are a bear to get on, and tend to numb my toes. I don't use them in bitter cold weather.  But maybe after half a dozen more uses they will relax more, flex more easily, and stop being as tight/cold (used ~ a half dozen times so far). 


A big guy might find them less rigid, especially in the flex. They are perfect for me for what I use them for. 


Last, like Goldilocks, I find the RS 130s to be just right, often. That means for a bigger, heavier guy, these things might not be stiff enough for hard charging or racing, if you really drive forward well.  Juniors, U18ers, and lighter weight racers do use them routinely. 


But for me, they have great rebound--pop--that I like in many types of skiing. A perfect forward flex, after only ~ a half dozen uses.  Surprisingly easygoing all mountain/frontside boots, for me, so far. 


Hope this helps. 

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Interesting guys and thanks for the opinions so far,...

Still undecided but leaning toward the atomic boots....
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Just to confuse you further....... the previous Atomic RT TI is a better boot than the redster.....:)

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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post

Just to confuse you further....... the previous Atomic RT TI is a better boot than the redster.....:)

i have a pair... the liner was terrible... 

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