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Originally Posted by pete View Post

very cool, have a great safe trip, if you hit Steamboat give Finndog a PM, he's been meeting up with lots of visitors this last month. 


Will do!

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With accommodations like that you could be a Marine. Better yet join the 10th Mt. Division. You get to ski even when you don't want to.
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Nah it isn't quite THAT bad.  The first night wasn't great because I was in the big room upstairs with 9 beds in the room.  And it was a Saturday night, so naturally some young whippersnappers came back from partying at 2:30am and woke everybody up.  :mad  But they settled down and we all got back to sleep by 3:00.  Last night I was in a room with just two other guys and even though they went to bed later than I did, they were MUCH more quiet and considerate.  I had my earplugs in and didn't hear them come in, and slept like a baby.  So the rest of this week should be quite comfy.

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I don't hink you understand the meaning of a "dirtbag ski trip" actually is. 


1. It does not include looking at cheap lodging unless the lodging is a couch at another local dirt bags residency or at an actual hostel. 


a. Couch surfing is a key part in dirt bag culture. If venturing into an unknown zone you better have some serious skiing and charm skills and/or some very dank weed. Either way be very liberal with sharing your smoke with locals.


b. Once acquiring position on said local couch make sure to remain as unseen as possible except when doing their dishes, shoveling their driveway or consolidating the dog shit piled up in the back yard into one easily compiled to refuse zone. 


2. Being a dirtbag you would most likely not be flying unless tickets are stupid cheap. Once at said airport you would most likely be hitchhiking from there. Embrace the journey and stoke your new friend with smokey treats and gas funds. If you aren't flying than it's a hitch hike anyways. You are a dirtbag and have almost zero funds. 


a. Even if you can't buy the gas pump that shit for them. Wash the windshield. Carry their bags or whatever you can do to make everything easier for them. Become a willingly virtual slave, they will forget that you have no money. 


b. Remember, none of a. matters as long as you get to your destination for skiing. 


3. Your destination needs to have some form of....


a. Hook up. A local that is willing to put you up and an inside line on a comp pass. 


b. Hostel and hike-able terrain zone giving way to sweet terrain. 


c. Plan c......you are one charming mother fucker and like to roll on the edge so you roll the dice and end up meeting a cute girl at the bar your first night and she offers her couch or even better. 


4. Food. As a dirtbag food is secondary but necessary.


a. ski area lodges usually have some free options. One of my favorites is soup crackers with green tabasco. 


b. Don't be too proud to look at the local programs for the poor and homeless. You can get a real good meal from these places sometimes. 


c. Befriend your bartender. So much can come from this.


d. Most lodges/hotels have some form of buffet in the morning. Try to walk in unnoticed and blend like you are staying there. The employees are unlikely getting payed enough to give a shit to pay much attention to you. Eat well while you can. Once you are in you are pretty much undetectable and the employees don't really give a shit anyways.


5. Be ready for everything above failing. A true dirtbag is ready for anything. Have your winter bag and bivy shelter on hand just in case all else fails. Any where that you are should be ok for camping.


Now that my friends is some real input from a true dirtbag ski bum. 

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