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Hey Ryan

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Hey ryan...
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(Uh oh...)

[ February 20, 2003, 03:44 PM: Message edited by: ryan ]
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YO! ryan!
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I have two words to contribute to this thread: Private Message
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I agree.

I second the notion of Private Message.

all in favor, say "AYE!"

[ February 20, 2003, 06:18 PM: Message edited by: gonzostrike ]
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C'mon AC... we're all enjoying their cute l'il love notes.
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Sorry AC,
I just wanted to welcome ryan into the 4,000 post club (not quite as good as the mile high club, but anyway...), and I wanted to ensure that his 4,000th post was something deep and meaningful like:
Originally posted by ryan:

(Uh oh...)
So, ryan, 4000 posts and that's the best you can do?

We had a bet a few months back as to who would reach 4K first, and I've been patiently waiting for him to catch up!

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Thanks, Fox.

I recall the wager and knowing I had no chance to get there first, not with your Whistler trip coming up.

"Only 204 days till Fox hits Whistler."
"Only 203 days till..." etc.

No, when that writing hit the wall (everyday) I knew I had no chance. (Luckily for me, whenever I really want to win a bet I just have to find J-Lux. Nothing quite like Easy Money.)

I'll live with the brevity of the 4,000th. Lot of Bears wish I could always be so minimal.
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Oh yeah?
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Would you guys get a room?!!

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Did he never pay up?

What interest are you charging him, or are you going to try to get him to go double or quits???

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ah man, the never-ending "double or nothing?" was paving the road to his bankruptcy. i am nothing if not merciful. (but when i offered that he might like to wager his mittens, boy did he retreat.)
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For the last time:

I conceded the bet TWO MONTHS PRIOR to the SLC Gathering, while in New Mexico. I realized that my bet was doomed, and that Ryan had a better grip on the interpersonal psychologies at play. While Ryan nodded knowingly, I fell for a superior acting job, and actually held out hope until the last possible minute.

Mr. Southern California got his money, and there was no talk about bartering my mittens.

Can we please move on to the next bet?
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I'll bet that wasn't any "last time."
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you chiseling connivers! and you, JD -- conceding the bet? did you forget that you were bound to ski with me until you busted that fib-YOU-la?! heh heh heh

why did you guys have to chose this completely Catholic method? why, I ask ye?

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gonz, the break SAVED him money, okay?

i was set to bet that you wouldn't even show in montana.
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
and you, JD -- conceding the bet? did you forget that you were bound to ski with me until you busted that fib-YOU-la?!
See the part above about "holding out hope until the very last minute."

I recall my parting quote to Ryan the night before I went to Snowbasin: "if he shows up at ANY time over the four-day Gathering, I WIN."
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