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OK - this thread has officially devolved into going nowhere productive so I'm locking it.


We don't discuss user moderation in public. If a user gets banned, you will see banned appearing under their name in their posts but we will not discuss why in public.


If you've got a problem with a post, report it via the flag icon to bring it to attention to the moderation team. There have been several posts in this thread that have been reported. I will be taking action and responding to the people who reported after I'm through with this post.


As a general rule, the moderation team tries to err on the side of under moderating. If behavior is in the gray area between prohibited and ok, we try to give people the benefit of the doubt. We even occasionally let over the top stuff slide. We even let threads "self moderate".


The "ignore" feature is a wonderful way to escape pointless arguments. As a moderator I can't use this feature and have come to respect how difficult it is to use this feature virtually. However, you can use it to solve some of your problems faster than the moderation team can solve them for you.


The moderation team is committed to keeping Epic a friendly place to hold productive and entertaining conversations about skiing. We appreciate your support and patience.


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