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Powder Ski Recommendation

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Hi all,


I'm looking to buy a powder ski for Tahoe for the deeper days (assuming those don't completely become a thing of the past).  My main ski is a Line Prophet 98.  I love the Prophet 98 for almost all conditions, but while skiing some knee deep pow at Sierra last season I realized I could really use a dedicated powder ski.


I am 5'8", 170 lbs, and somewhere between a hi-intermediate and a low-advanced skier.  I like skiing the trees when there's good snow, I like jumping off of (small) features, and I sometimes open up the throttle when the conditions allow it.  My skills are developing quickly as each year progresses, but I only started skiing 4 years ago.


I am currently considering:


Armada JJ 175

Line Mr. Pollard's Opus 178

Faction Candide 4.0 183


All of these would be the 2014 models from last season.  This ski would be for the 5-20% of the days with the deepest powder (8"+ of fresh).  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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If you're considering the Faction Candide 4.0, consider the 2012 Faction Royale, which has same dimensions but sturdier build. $275 new for 175 or 183 via Active Junky/Backcountry. I bought a pair of 183s myself.

FWIW, got a pair of Faction Prodigys last year and Factions are really high quality skis. The Royales look to be of similar high quality.
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Being from Tahoe, you might want to check out Praxis Ski's, on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Very cool company, semi-custom made ski's for a great price and you can go talk directly to the owner (Keith) about what would be best for your needs.
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I just took a look at their skis and they look awesome!  The GPO, RX, and Concept all look like they could be what I'm looking for.  I've gotta say, the camber profile on the Concept is something I've never seen before.  Pretty cool stuff.  Thanks for the recommendation!

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I was in your same boat last year. My main ski has been the Line Prophet 98 as well. Wanted to add a fatter ski to arsenal. I pulled the trigger on the Praxis Concept 187 (a bit bigger than you are). Love them and Keith and the boys are great at Praxis. Great build. They did not disappoint on my cat skiing trips last year or the random dumps at the home hill. I think you would like any of the Praxis Skis - RX, Concept or Protest. My second choice was going to be the Line Pollards Opus - another fun ski - but the Concept was more versatile for me.
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