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Where to go for boots/bindings?

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I'm an intermediate skier and ski a few outings a year in CO. I live in Hays KS equidistant from Kansas City and Denver. I have been wanting to get my own gear for some time particularly boots. I just recently bought a pair of K2 Iron Maiden skis. Not gonna lie that they may not be the perfect ski for me but they have Iron Maiden on them and finally pulled the trigger when they were 60% off. I really am ignorant regarding gear and having my own gear is new to me.

My question is this, where should I go for boots and bindings? I'm not an aggressive skier, mostly blues with my kids. Not interested in latest or top-of-the-line gear but willing to spend money when it's worth it. Who do I trust putting me in the right ski boots and proper bindings and placement of bindings on my new skis. Am I OK walking in to a chain like REI, Christy''s, or Colorado Ski and Golf given that I'm not trying to make olympic team and anything's gonna be better than rental boots? Am I better served going to the boot gurus you see when you google "Where to go for boot fitting" given that I don't wanna make poor choices trying to save a buck? Anybody with experience with any of the ski shops in Kansas City? Any recs would be appreciated by this gear novice.
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You can ski any old skis and they may not work great but they will work.  Boots not really so much.  Boots that are too big just plain function poorly and often hurt like hell.  Since you ski Colorado there are several good guys there.  Greg Hoffman in Vail for one, but there are two good guys in Aspen, one near Winter Park, etc.  Should be able to find some of us listed in the who's who on this site.



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what Lou said.






find a good boot fitter, not just a good store, or a cool brand.   

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Hi Steve,

Boots are the most important and personal part of the gear equation.  And what you are buying isn't just the boot, but the way it is set up and interfaced to you.  The foot is complex.  And the dynamics of skiing play on your personal ranges of motion and the nuances of your foot shape. The part time high school kid at a big box store isn't going to have the depth of knowledge needed to make the boot what it should be for you.  Lou seemed to forget that Telluride was in Colorado.  We would be glad to help you here or in Taos if you head this way.


Bob Gleason 

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I lived in Telluride one summer and really thought it was on a completely different planet.  Bob my apologies.  Steve if Telluride is in your plans and it definitely should be then you'll get great help there.



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