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Multi-Day Pass Deals

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Is there a place here or on another site that has multi-day pass deals for various resorts?

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You mean, like Liftopia?
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Direct from the resort.  Especially if you bundle lodging and get a "deal" from their vacation planners

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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post

Is there a place here or on another site that has multi-day pass deals for various resorts?

Liftopia is the most commonly used website for discounted lift tickets, either single or multi-day.  Need to pre-pay and if you can't use them they are not transferable.  You exchange the Liftopia coupon for a lift ticket at the resort ticket window.  Is possible for the discount to disappear for a given day during busy times.


For a specific resort, sometimes can find just as good a deal on their website by pre-paying even if not staying in resort lodging.


Being a member of a ski club is sometimes useful.


What region are you thinking about?

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The region I'm thinking about is mostly Colorado.


I know about Liftopia.  But I was wondering if there was a forum here or on another site where ski enthusiasts post current specials for this type of thing.

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Did you see this recent thread about a deal for Steamboat?  Have to pick up in person though.  The link is from a Colorado blog that seems to be for ski deals.


Not really a specific section on EpicSki for lift ticket deals.  People looking for suggestions do best if they start a thread asking for suggestions for a specific resort or region, as well as timeframe.

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Yes.  Thanks.  That deal is what got me thinking about this.

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Direct on the resort websites as stated above.  You can usually get a deal if you book in advance and not during the holiday weekends.  I did some spring skiing in CO last year and just about every ski area had some sort of multi day deal. 

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