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Demoing skis - Jay Peak

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I posted awhile ago asking what skis i should be taking with me to Jay Peak VT. I'm heading up this next week and ive decided to take both my Xscreams and WC SLX's, but i am not planning on skiing on either. What i would really like to do is demo freeride skis all week. I'd like to take out an array of wide midfats and fats in an attempt to find a replacement for the Xscreams. My question is: where can i find the best selection of demos at or near Jay Peak? I have never been there and dont know the area at all, so any suggestions will help. I'm looking for a very powerful and relatively wide freeride ski that can still hold a nice edge on eastern groomed snow.
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Greg, Jay isn't really "near" anything. I'll give you some tips on demoing here if you'll e-mail me. Here's my address: bgreene@law66.com
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Make sure you try the Pocket Rocket!
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I just got back from Jay peak & they have a very limited demo selection at the on mountain demo center.

Unlike other ski areas, there are not other ski shops nearby, it's really in the proverbial middle of nowhere.

I'd recommend either picking up skis to demo on the way to the mountain or drive all the way to Stowe or Smuggler's Notch.

I'm not sure about Stowe, but I know Smuggler's has a "Ski Magazine Gold Medal Demo Center," They have a great selection & The staff are really friendly & helpful.

On the plus side, the mountain is pretty cool & the food is pretty good (luckily since there are no other restaurants nearby)

Have fun!

p.s. watch out for the Green Mountain Freezer

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As I said, Greg, I live here, I and know where the demo centers, skis shops, and ski availablities are. All demo centers and shops do not carry the same line for demo, INCLUDING the Ski Magazine Demo Centers. If you're looking for a mid-fat that also loves ice, do I have some ideas for you!

My e-mail: bgreene@law66.com
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The on mountain demo center does have the bandit xx
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If you read elsewhere in this forum, you'll see that the XX has been outclassed. Yes, believe it. To get a good selection to demo, you probably will need to bring them to Jay from other parts of Vermont.
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The on mountain shop is limited. Try using an on-line phone directory to get the numbers for the two closed shops (neither of which I've delt with so call to see if they demo)

The Snow Job in the town of Jay
First Tracks in Montgomery

Failing that you could get the demos at Stowe or Smugglers.

Oboe is likely right you may have to bring the demos with you.
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As crazy as it sounds, none of the demo shops around Jay carry the skis that you'll want to ski there. Not even a G4 or R.ex.

Unless you only plan to ski steep bump runs (which would be a waste) bring with you, in the appropriate size for your weight, one of the following:

- Pocket Rocket
- Big Stix 84
- R.ex
- G4
- or equivalent if you can find 'em (i.M85, Mantis 777, Titan 8.2)

I lean towards the pocket rocket because I'm lighter, prefer shorter turns, and the Jay Park has great big jumps and pipe.
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