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kaestle mx88 question

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So I'm going to give in to the hype and get myself a pair of the kaestle mx88's this year.  Had a few questions hoping for some help on:




- Above average skier - primarily on-piste in Colorado resorts.

- Male, 5'11; 175-185lbs (depending on time of year ;)

- Above average fitness


My questions:

1. Kaestle's product finder is recommending the 188cm.  That seems long to me?

2. Any reason to get the new 2015 MX or is 2014 same ski?

3. Any rec's on bindings?  Stick with the K-11's or go off brand?

Thanks everyone!

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You'll enjoy the 178 a lot more. It's plenty of ski even for an expert of your size. AFAIK, no changes it's been the same ski for a couple of years now, since the change to elliptical sidecut. You could PM Dawgcatching for confirmation. Bindings: The K11's, made by Tyrolia, will work, if they come as part of the package. But if they don't, I'd look around for models with a DIN of 12-14. Any brand, just go by price, unless you plan to do a lot of moguls, in which case Look/Rossignol might be very slightly advantageous, or have seriously bad knees, in which case the Tyrolia/Head 12 DIN models with diagonal release at the heel might be very slightly advantageous.

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That's super helpful -thanks!

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I'm a similar size as you (slightly heavier) and ski the 178, I think you'll be happy with it.

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+ 1 that you should ride the 178.  I am also similar in size (maybe a tad heavier at 5'11, 185#).  The 178 was perfect for me - full day demo, various conditions and terrain.  I can't imagine who would ride the 188, whoever that ski is for is a lot bigger than I am for sure. 


Kastle's size runs are a little strange ( for example, I could see a MX 88 in 183/4 making more sense for bigger dudes than 188).  It seems to me like they should focus the size runs on the center of the bell curve, rather than the edges.  The way Kastle does it, they jam a pretty big slice of skiers into one reference size, second from the top (that for me usually feels a bit off - a bit too short across the whole line).  That said, the MX88 at 178 is the one that feels (to me) proportioned just right.

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Originally Posted by LewyM View Post  I can't imagine who would ride the 188, whoever that ski is for is a lot bigger than I am for sure. 


Not by much, 40 lbs maybe. :)

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I'm the exact same weight and height as you...including the 10 lb swing! Advanced /expert skier of 40+ years. I absolutely loved the 178 and skied them for three years on eastern ice/ hardpack and even western pow. While they aren't a pow ski, they are still a lot of fun off piste for a strong skier and absolutely rail on groomers and hardpack....even at high speed. No chatter at all. I would definitely recommend the 178. I never had any regrets not going longer! Have fun

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Unfortunately I can't speak to the new bindings as I had the marker K12 CTI's which were wonderful bindings. Personally I can't imagine you'd go wrong with anything Kastle has mated to the 88's though.

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The 178 is your size, and the Kastle bindings are fine if that's what's included.


Otherwise I have Griffon demos on all my skis, including 2 pairs of MX88's, and they're also a fine binding.

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Great choice after so many years with only a slight tweak its not hype!
K11,is fine but the K12 is a much nicer binding for only a little more $ and has their best release system.
Agree on 178 being spot on for your stated size and level.
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