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Markert Survey for school

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Doing a school project and would really appreciate if you guys could do this market analysis, it will only take a few minutes.




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What school?
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Are the equipment costs annual? Do they include clothes and helmets and mittens and goggles? Or just skis?

I'm thinking if I count all my skis and all my clothes acquired over the years, the total will be way up there.

What's an avalanche back pack? Like an Avalung? Or an airbag?

Also, the survey let's you go through the whole thing without actually answering the questions.

Surprised you're back here with more homework after the last time.
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Thank you for your feedback!! :) I've fixed the errors. The cost does NOT include googles, clothes etc, ONLY poles, skis and bindings. 

It's a Swedish school; Jönköping School of Engineering.

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This survey has been approved by the moderator team.

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Also, it's not clear when you ask how many weeks a person skis whether it is full weeks or not. Last season I skied mostly on weekends for over 30 days total so it did not matter.


FYI -I only use a transceiver when skiing in the back country (e.g. helicopter skiing). In the US, there is generally a difference of opinion on what is "off-piste" and what is "back country". Some resorts have "off-piste" areas that are easily accessible from their terrain that are relatively safe and some have areas that are just as dangerous as areas that are far from resorts. Since it has been several years since I've skied "off-piste" in avalanche terrain, I answered no to ski with a transceiver, but I have skied with the transceiver in bounds at one resort and while hiking at other resorts in the past. I use one when there is known danger.

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Ya, poor survey instrument all in all.  I skied around 7 total days but it was spread out over November to the beginning of April so I skied a LOT of weeks. My least expensive set up came in well under $500.00 too. 

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I was a bit confused by the intent of the off piste question as well. I thought, well, I ski off piste all the time, but they keep things closed here until they are done blasting, why would I need a transceiver? Mentally I thought, they probably mean back country, but it's not clear, you need to fix that as well. We also have side country that is just outside the ropes and is flat enough to have no risk of avalanche. You're more likely to die in a tree well, in which case you'd want an avalung while your friends are figuring out that you're missing and deciding if they need to care. No big noise like with an avalanche, so you either figure out how to breathe until they decide to look for you or you're dead in a handful of minutes. My husband will have something to bury when they use their transceivers to find the body.

Still confused by annual or not on the skis. You mean how much money could actually be ON me on a given day? I'm asking this because you only want one pair of skis included. You don't have a low enough category, now that I look. My most expensive set up is still under $500 (but from several years ago), unless you add in the boots. The last two purchases were well under.
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Tried your POS survey.When I got to country, the last one on the list was Sweden with no provision that I could find to scroll down to United States

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Originally Posted by Bill Miles View Post

Tried your POS survey.When I got to country, the last one on the list was Sweden with no provision that I could find to scroll down to United States
I was able to and I'm using an android tablet.
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The website used used is blacklisted in many adblocking software, so if it doesn't work for you maybe look into that. I didn't bother continue though.
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