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First to Open Speculation - Page 21

Poll Results: First to open?

  • 8% (4)
  • 55% (25)
    Arapahoe Basin
  • 6% (3)
    Wolf Creek
  • 2% (1)
  • 11% (5)
  • 4% (2)
  • 11% (5)
    Flawed Poll
45 Total Votes  
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Hi.  I'm pretty ignorant about Keystone longterm, but the short answer probably is the Outback got more snow, and the in between North Peak probably didn't get enough.


The front mountain, Dercum Mt., is about 10+" away from being good, on all natural snow slopes.  It has ungroomed runs (with no manmade snow) that are open and some that aren't, because they are close to not having enough.  For instance, a run called Bachelor, I believe, was marginally fine.  One called Santa Fe, on the other hand, was an edge-gouger.  Ouch!


The back side of Dercum, facing more southwesterly, can't open yet, except for the short park run Scout/Ranger, which must have gotten lots of manmade snow.   


Opening North Peak now, too early, would probably just multiply problems for the patrollers and snow-makers.  

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Originally Posted by bounceswoosh View Post

A combo of work and other has led me to consider not skiing at Breck till Sunday. I'd been thinking of how sad I'd be to miss out on Chair 6, but ... these pictures change my mind.


On a different note - so, sounds like I'll be able to walk to peak 9 instead of paying for gondola parking now, right?


I was mistaken. I am in Breck and plan to go skiing if work doesn't implode tomorrow morning. Soooo ... I better be able to get from the base of Peak 9 to Peak 8, which I gather I can.

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Perfect north opened yesterday in southern Indiana great conditions. They had most of the runs open and complete coverage on what was open. I guess that's the perks of a 400 vertical hill they can get enough snowmaking to keep crowds happy.
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Sunrise opened yesterday here in Arizona.  I was there for the WROD action, it was better than expected .


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Keystone openings Saturday: ugly.


New snow falling, hopefully, now: (a good start)





Dercum Mountain

Located atop Dercum Mountain at an elevation of 11,640 feet.
Sun Nov 23 2014 14:54:37 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)


Keystone Snow Stake - 5 minute refresh

11,237 ft / 3,425m
Mid-mountain on North Peak; Official snow stake
Sun Nov 23 2014 14:50:58 GMT-0700 (Mountain Standard Time)


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