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supplemental pass [Colorado family]

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Im looking at buying a supplemental pass to go with our RMSP+. Im looking at either a Loveland or Abasin pass. Ive yet to ski Abasin but its reputation proceeds it and we hit Loveland 4-5 times last year. I really like the ridge cat and the skiing on the north side of the highway. Im more of an open bowl/steeps type of skier but need options for the family as well. my wife is a blue groomer cruiser and my young son (7) is a single black/bumps boarder....let em rip. Thanks

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I find Loveland is more friendly to intermediates / cruising, and also tends to have more "wide open" terrain.


A-basin has gnarlier trees, steeps, and bumps, with more limited blue cruising options.


Loveland and A-Basin open at near the same time, but A-basin stays open later than Loveland.


Loveland is also closer to Denver, and (I think) less affected by pass/tunnel closings.

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I usually get a A-basin 4 pack to go with my RMSP to carry me into May.  This year I'm going to hold out and buy a 2014-2015 A-basin season pass when they go on sale in late March or early April.  That will allow me to ski the rest of this year and all of next year for about the cost of two four packs.


I'll probably also get an Aspen Classic 4 pack as I usually do, but with the Crested Butte days on the RMSP+ I'm tempted to head down there instead.  Not sure if I can pull off both Aspen and CB this year with family constraints.  


The best labor day non-Vail pass deals:


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I bought an A-Basin pass this Spring, used it 5 or 6 times, and it's good for the entire 14/15 season. That is a no brainer in terms of cost.

Both are great. A-Basin is, IMO, a more perfect union to the RMSP+. You don't really want to miss a month or more of Spring skiing for more money, do you? smile.gif

Loveland has the cheaper day rates, you need a lot more days to justify the pass price there.
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i think im going to go with the Loveland pass card to get us through, then in the spring pick up the Abasin pass. It carries discounted tickets for the family and first day free along with every fifth after that being free. not a bad deal as we will probably see it 4-5 times in the early season then a few more for variety during the year. Then come spring time ill pick up an Abasin pass to finish out the spring and jump start next year.

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That's definitely a tough call, Loveland has some nice blues but not too many steeps, and A-Basin has some nice steeps but not a lot of blues. I think you made the right choice with Loveland though, they don't have as many steeps, but the stuff off of lift one is pretty good, not to mention it's even less crowded than A-Basin.

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i dont really care about the blue cruising but if momma aint happy no ones happy. the good thing about her though is she could ski the same run all day as long as the scenery is nice and shes having a good day...its all good.

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heres to hoping that she will progress to diamonds this season

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