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I am home now for a day or so. I am less melancholy now than I was yesterday on the ride home from Utah. I am getting back to my routine. Had a great kids class today ....

I've been reflecting on the week behind me. By now you've all read about the incredible ski relationships that have developed. Pro/pro. Participant/participant. Pro/participant. And of course the relationship we as individuals have with our new found talent and mother earth.

Admittedly I haven't spent a lot of time at this terminal. I have only limited time here in this situation of a shared terminal. Consequently, the following observation may in fact have been noted without my noticing yet. Having said that, one aspect of this event that affected me deeply, and one that I haven't read about yet is that now I am able to put faces to names. When I began to meet my colleagues and the students last Saturday, starting with meeting Vail Sno Pro for the ride up from Colorado (we hadn't met face to face before), the magic of this event started. YOU ARE ALL REAL - YAHOO!

This medium is phenominal. We tend to get very personal very quickly and then find disappointment and distrust. I have always been and am still somewhat guarded in this new technological environment. EPICSKI, because of the common passion we all share is a little different than other forums and chat rooms. It is still humorous and sometimes flighty, but with a wonderfully light seriousness (and often more!). It is respectful and intelligent. AND now having experienced the academy, I feel very strongly about the bonds that have been made both on line and in person.

Thank you AC for creating a very human oasis in the middle of the high tech muck. [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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Well said, Ziggy!

I think that some lifelong friendships were made, and that is a very cool thing.

It was a joy meeting all of you! Yes, you're all real, and very beautiful people! :
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