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Recovery from Stomach Surgery

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Two weeks ago, I had stomach surgery where a portion of my colon was removed (it twisted probably due to adhesions from a gallbladder surgery 15 years ago.) 18" of the colon is gone plus the appendix for good measure. Once the plumbing gets back to normal, I should be back to normal.


Timing wise, I guess I'm lucky that this happened in the summer. I had laproscopic surgery before and had a 10 lb weight limit for awhile. Right now I have a 25 lb weight limit and am not able to do much more than walk since anything that engages the core is still pretty painful. (30 staples from bladder to below the sternum.)


Just wondering how long it took until you felt normal and could take a bike ride or swim? When I brought up skiing to my doctor he said not to worry since the good skiing isn't until January. :(

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It probably depends a great deal on how intrusive the surgery was.  18" +/- of my colon was removed in 07, the incision was perhaps 1/2'.  I was up and working in about 10 days, into the gym in 2 months. Light stationary bike work earlier would have been nice, but did not have one.  I was 55 at the time.


Listen to your body, listen to your doctor; there will be another ski season next year if that is what is needed. Heel well.

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Went to the surgeon today. Twenty-five pound weight limit for 6 weeks from the time of surgery. I've been working from home for the past 2 days around 6 hours a day. He said I'll still feel a bit exhausted for awhile with all the healing going on. Next week I'll probably start going back into work (1 hr drive each way). I'm so thankful I can work from home sometimes.


I guess I'm still thinking about when I was scoped and how quickly I bounced back from that. He said try to cycle (not spinning for awhile since the position is not comfortable) and swim. Of course, walk all I want.


I don't have to see him again unless I have problems and he told me to hope for October snow so I can going skiing. Gotta like a doctor that is going to take a day off each week this winter to ski just because he's never done it. ;)

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Hey just saw this, my best wishes and positive thoughts for you.  Heal up and get on it!  


Hope you are feeling well

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Thanks Finn. What a difference 2 weeks makes. When I posted, I didn't see how I'd be doing anything in the next few months. But the body is healing quickly and I'm staying well below the 25# weight limit. I think a lot of water workouts and stationary bikes are in my near future.

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