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Oz is not in town

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aaaaaaahhhhhhhh .....ccchhhooooooooo!!!!! ... hack hack hack

So anyway I had a bed, a car, lift tickets & time off all organised. After a fine time coaching Skidmo and son in Vail and up until 3:00pm thursday I was on my way to Utah .... now about last Monday I felt the first tingle in the throat .... nahhhh cannot be the flu I never get sick (injured maybe but not sick) so by Tuesday I am coughing all over Skidmo and poping pills to keep the head clear but to no avail.

SCSA pulls in wed morning for a ski day together, Nope sorry SCSA I better stay on the lounge and rest for thursday final ski with Skidmo & son and the night drive to SLC. Thursday comes around and now I am hacking green and the head is not connected to the feet. (some would say it never is) .... so anyway thats why I am in Avon library typing this and not in Alta turning with the Bears.

Now I have three days to get better before my next client arrives. Bummed to say the least about my no show.

I big thanks to Bob Peters, AltaSkier & SCSA for all your offers for the weekend. Keep the Fooks on his elbows tonight and if any of you are passing through Avon drop me a pm there is always a bed in the loft.

Hope you all have a ball the next few days and remember it IS about skiing!

Cough, splutter, what a nutter, missed the Gathering.

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Sorry to hear this OZ. Hope your feeling better. Hope also to get to ski with you this year. We are often at Vail.
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Bummer Oz.
Get well.
People as old as us (joking mate, I'm joking!)
should think about getting immunization against flu.
I did, for the first time this year.
I was sick tired of getting it every year at least twice.
Tell ya what?
I should have done it ages ago (when I was still young )

[ January 31, 2003, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Matteo ]
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try to find something with bromhexine in it - will help you get rid of that green stuff - you want about 16mg three times a day for a week or so.

Better still if you can get it with guiaphenesin as well...

Drink plenty of fluids

next time you get a funny throat gargle some Betadine(they make a gargle) - it will help kill of the nasty virus down there before you get sicker...
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That was a bad break, Oz. I was looking forward to meeting you. Well, we'll just have to do this again sometime!
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Yeh sorry about the no show .... I am pretty bummed about it. Being a "lets GO!" type of skier this flu has killed the highlight of the season for me.

Have fun, maybe next year or in my travels.

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Sorry to hear that you got sick, hope your feeling better by now. We will have to make some turns next time.
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Man from Oz:

Is it possible you gave me that virus over cyberspace? On Saturday afternoon/evening, I came down with what sounds like the same thing. Spent most of Sunday in bed while the rest of the Gathering crew was experiencing a - dare I say it? - EPIC day.

I'm feeling a fair bit better today and expect to be back among the living in a couple of days.

Sorry you couldn't make it. We had a blast.

Have fun in Jackson. I'd love to meet you there but I won't be there until the end of next week.

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What a bummer! I was so looking forward to meeting you! If I were you, I would have gone anyway!

I left here Sunday morning at 4 am, going to Utah! Had a 90 mile drive to the airport, in snowy -8 degrees and 25 mph winds, stopping at rest areas to toss the cookies on the way.

Got to Utah, sicker than a dog, and started the Academy on Monday with about as much energy as the one banana I ate since Saturday would give me, since everything else came up.

But, true to my strange nature, when I click into bindings, I feel better. And I did!

However, Thursday night I had a sore throat, and by Friday I was croaking and left Alta after lunch, having a headache and feeling like I'd die.

Saturday I lost my voice, and all I could do was whisper or croak. I took the day off from skiing, and rested. Sunday I skied Deer Valley in a raging storm, and yesterday, Monday, I skied Brighton again (I love that place!) The whole time, I have a serious case of bronchitis goin on, and I'm coughing up snails (ewwww, you know what I mean!)

Now I'm home, getting unpacked and ready to go to work tomorrow. I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I had more fun skiing sick than I would have had being at home sick. I'd do it again. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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