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"More Mag-Lev Lasers... Fischer Superior Pro and RC4, Firearrow 84 EDT and some Civilian Saloms"

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Fischer Superior Pro - 180cm. Damp Damp Damp. Smooth… and boring - until you remember how fast you are going. This ski has Serious Grip which may be hard to slide in and out of turns in grippy snow.  Potential for Master GS here.


Fischer RC4 Worldcup RC - 170cm. This ski skied with more feel than the Superior Pro and was great in 15-19 meter arcs; very quick and a bit looser  and hence, more lively feel. This is a Truly Great Ski with probably a bit better damping than the justifiably venerable RC PRO from a few years ago.  http://torshovsport.no/upload/2013/12/02/fischer-rc4-wc-rc-pro-racetrack-alpintski-a06013-2.jpg  ( is this the same ski as the one that prompted me to update this thread ?)


Nordica FireArrow Pro EDT - 176cm/ 84 waist. This monster was tooo damped for my liking but it carves and rails like a 70mm waisted ski. This grip means too much edge hold for ‘off-piste’ especially if you need to sketch/slarve to dump turn energy in steep or dense snow where it would track like it was railed. It goes into a laser-carve as good as any of the other skis I have tried this year. This is sometimes too much for the rough stuff when a skid is your friend.


Blizzard RCS Slalom.  This is a civilian Sl ski. It is excellent. I could do worry free slalom radius and then let it run in long GS sized arcs that were approaching GS speeds. It did not have that impending high-side launch that full Sl skis can whack you with. I think the base-tune on this was very flat and this ski still skied a nice mix of soft off-piste moguls and icy groomers and then some sun warmed softer stuff. Great fun; yet produced real skiing. See my previous review of this ski: I was of mixed opinion - now I am sure this is a good ski.


Elan SLX Slalom. Another Civilized Civilian Slalom: in the same performance ball park as the Blizz RCS. Great !! It was smooth in and out of a turn and skied so well I could overlook the hokey asymmetrical tip and supposedly asymmetrical construction lay-up.


Kastle RX SL. I have been looking and this is a very rare ski to find.  This was such a good ride too; especially in GS arcs and I found it a bit better than the Blizz RCS and Elan SLX - but not by much. The rep told me it was the same lay-up as the Kastle RX 72 and this is just a standard World Cup sandwich construction. I am disappointed that I have not owned a skinnier Kastle as a ripper. About four years ago I tried their 27 meter GS; which was still in first gear at 50mph…and smooth and quiet and then you think 50mph… whoa !


I don’t know how these 165 Slaloms skis can make such excellent slalom turns and yet rail such long GS turns and handle such high speeds. Kastle SL was better at this by the way... All these are great skis are plus or minus a few percent of each other. I think the biggest characteristic of these excellent race-carvers is the damping. They all rail and hold and arc really easily but the smoothosity factor is some sort of science-fiction device.


The Nordica skis with the EDT stuff really works ... and works too well.  Another ‘expert’ skier I talked to said the Spitfire Pro EDT was also too damped down to feel lively and this is what the Firearrow EDT felt like too. - see non-EDT Firearrow in mag-lev link.                                                              Here are a couple o' links to more ski reviews.

If it's a race carver it is between 170-180cms and Sls are 165. Other stats you can google for. So may skis -so little time. http://www.epicski.com/t/125972/blizzard-nordica-dynastar-salomon-ski-reviews-state-of-the-art-mag-lev-lasers-mostly

Hell, eat this Rossi Soul 7 expose' too. http://www.epicski.com/t/120313/2014-rossignol-soul-7-the-spork-of-skis/270

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Thanks for sharing.

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Appreciate reviews of this class. I collared a pair of the RX SL's last year for silly price, to replace my getting-on RX's at some point. Curious if you think they could double as a Master's SL, assuming a proper WC plate. Ski Canada intimated that, but otherwise not a lot of actual reviews. 

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Beyond: Good point about the race plates. When I get on a 'real' SL ski the hook-up is something that does not negotiate and I always felt that if I was not in perfect harmony with the arcs they were scribing; i could kiss my ACL's goodbye.    If you remember the Head WC plates from about six years ago - Big solid aluminum blocks; or Rossi WC plates with that big aluminum frame and hinge system. Or how about VIST plates… again huge blocks that give so much a feeling of a solid connection between the snow underfoot and your trembling knees that the ski itself feels really short.  If these new slaloms I skied on were FIS then I must be skiing wayyy better than ever because I didn't feel threatened by them.

Last summer a buddy demo'd some Elan FIS SL's. Gave them a 'good' review: Solid ski.  They were really heavy skis,too; much heavier than the Elans in my review. 

The Kastles felt more solid than the Blizz RCS or Elan SLX and the rep told me the Kastle’s were a typical FIS lay-up.   Buy ‘em...  Tell me where and how much; too.

ps: 'Nother buddy skis on Atomic SL's and from the absolute ripping we are doing I don't think they have a speed limit.

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