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Lobster claw - trigger finger - gloves

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I have Reynaud's syndrome, which means my fingers are stupid cold when yours are warm or even hot.

For this reason I use two chemical finger warmers inside mittens almost all winter long, even when you are in skiing in a T-shirt.


With my current mittens I can't work my poles the way I want since I don't have fingers separated.  It's hard to flick the pole forward with wrist action alone.  I need a separation betweene fingers to fit that pole grip into.  Ideally I would wear a glove when skiing, but there's the cold thing.  Gloves won't work for me; my fingers freeze.  Let me repeat:  I wedge a chemical warmer inside the THUMB of my mittens, and place a second chemical warmer right up against my other four fingers.  This pretty much does the job of keeping my hands and fingers warm as long as I have my top-of-the-line Dakine mittens on. 

Those Dakine mittens are worn out.  

So I'm contemplating buying lobster claw/trigger-finger gloves.  These would offer the separation I want between fingers which would allow me to more easily "flick" the poles forward, and they would keep at least two fingers against another so they can share the warmth.  I could wedge maybe three chemical warmers in there, one inside the index finger, one inside the thumb, and one against the other two fingers.  


Sometimes the lobster claw/trigger finger gloves are listed for motorcycle folks who ride in the winter.  I've read enough to think these are for fall and spring riding, not -5 F degree downhill skiing.  I've crossed these off the list.  


Sometimes they are marketed for backcountry cross-country touring.  I don't know how to interpret that.  There's the uphill part, where the hands will sweat and people are encouraged to remove the liners.  Then there's the downhill part where users are told to put the liner back in.  My current mittens do not come with removable liners; I don't trust thinsulate or permaloft liners inside uninsulated leather shells because in the past these "liner gloves" separate the fingers from each other, nullifying the shared warmth from finger to finger.  My past experience with such liners has been disappointing.  But maybe I should be looking at these gloves.  Does anyone have experience with lobster claw or trigger finger gloves marketed for backcountry touring?


Then there's this. 



It's a Swany three-finger mitt for women, available at discount from PISA.  They make these for men too.  It's still stupid-expensive, but I'm thinking of buying it.  Maybe on -5F to -10F degree days with wind I'll bring out the old Dakines, but for teaching regularly maybe these will do?  It does have a glove liner included, so I'm cautious since why would it need a liner if it were adequately lined in the body of the mitt?  


I can't find these in stores; shopping online seems the only way.  

I did re-read an old Epic thread about  "best gloves" which recommended Swany for the most warmth.  


Anybody have these?  Anybody have any experience with lobster claw or trigger finger mitts?

Thanks for any advice.

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Ask the physician who diagnosed Reynaud's syndrome to prescribe electronic gloves:


I have skied with several clients who swear by these.
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These look pretty good: http://www.outdoorresearch.com/en/mens-highcamp-3-finger-glvs.html

Primaloft One insulation which IME is the BOMB! The reviews on the link look pretty positive.


I've got a pair of Hestra XCR 3-fingers, and while they're warmer than my Sierra Designs Bootlegger gloves, they're not as warm as I expected, and spendy as hell! The OR's run about $90, which seems to be about average these days. Black Diamond has some nice looking 3-finger gloves, but they're just as ridiculously priced as Hestra.

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I was thinking of the battery ones also but didn't know you can get a prescription for them.

I use Hestra Expediton mitts and even with the pro deal, they are wicked expensive. I do love them though it sometimes feels like I have the dexterity of oven mitts or boxing gloves.

They do offer a lobster version too

One of the things you can do is get a lobster claw glove and then buy Hestras lobster liner. I did something like this for my daughter and she loves it.
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