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Really glad to hear you like em, and that they complement your 105s so.  

Did the bindings turn out to be demo, that is, adjustable for boot size and for boot position fore and aft?   If so, I'd be interested in what boot center positions you eventually settle on using the most.   I had demo bindings on mine, and found to my surprise that just a half cm. or two (or three) forward or back dramatically changed my 186 Autos, from more of a charger farther back (0 to ~+1) to quicker turning in between (~+1.25 to ~+1.75), to actually a surfer, farther forward (~+2 to ~+3).  Big smile.  
(Boot center patterns for the 179 or 193 would be different, probably shifted back for the shorter version, and forward for a longer.)

Best of luck!

Yeah, they are indeed demo bindings, Atomic XTO12's. Haven't played with the mount positions yet, but that definitely sounds intriguing! The in between quicker turning setting definitely sounds like a fun one to try for trees.