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Let's Go Get Small (ski movie)

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There's so much ski video content posted online these days it can be difficult for the great stuff to really stand out.  This was released about 9 months ago but I just watched it yesterday and it's extremely well done - so I thought I'd share.


The blurb: 'Let´s Go Get Small' features freeskier Dave Treadway as he, together with Henrik Windstedt, venture way out into the Canadian coast range on snowmobiles. Their mission? To explore. To simply see what's on the other side of the next mountain. To see what's possible on skis. Watch them push limits in order to explore the unexplored, all while feeling really small in the vast territory that surrounds them.


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Nice!  The shot that begins at 11:45 is one of the best single ski porn shots ever!




How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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Great stuff, visually anyway.


Seemed to me that Henrik Windstedt was out of his comfort zone on more than one occasion on this trip. Props to him for pushing on I guess.He survived, so it must have been OK, right? Sometimes though, I think it's wise to listen to that nagging little voice telling you this is not OK. 


Two of Henrik's comments really stand out. 1) "Shit snow, shit weather, fuckin' sketch man!" 2) "Now we are down, and I will never do this again".


Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but that's just like, my opinion man.


Both Treadway and Windstedt are phenomenal skiers, and fun to watch them getting after it, just think they were mismatched as far as their individual definition of acceptable risk.

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I think that Henrik was out of his comfort zone is what made it such an interesting film.  We see so many of these sketchy ascents / descents we kind of take for granted the intensity and nerves involved.

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^I'd agree with that. The skiing was great, but it was the human factor that really impressed me.

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On a different note, Epic members are passionate about skiing and because of that strong passion you need to visit British Columbia at least once in your life. You don't have to ski the extreme because just to be in our mountains and feel their power will energize your life and help you understand your place in the world.

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