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Atomic Beta race 9.20 any info

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Looking to get the 2000 model of this ski at good price as my go fast ski. Any info?
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You can't have mine! Great skis!

BE the skis!
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Yea thats the info I need address of an unlocked garage with a pair in very good shape. LOL

Never seen a ski get a better review over at skireview.
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Dougw (or anyone)

do you know what the difference is between that model and this years, if any?

Linda<FONT size="1">

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Use the search function on this web site and you'll find all sorts of comments on that ski. My view is it's a great all-purpose GS ski that won't satisfy a true racer but is great for the rest of us.
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from the reviews I looked at at skireview.com I'd say not much diff between 2000 and 2001 but the 1999 model was a little stiffer. Seem to have hit the intended target market on the head. A 30 -40 male rec./ club racer. The review I liked was " took off 4 seconds off my times without losing weight or giving up beer"
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Well these were on ebay but while I was high bid never reached reserve bid so ended with no sale. I went up to $225.00 so guessing reserve was $250 or something like that.
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The Atomic 9.20 race ski for 2000-2001 season are the exact same as the 2001-2002 except real slite graphics change. They both have the built in plate so Atomic bindings must be used. I bought a pair at the end of last year for a real deal the 2000-2001 models, the earlyer 9.20 didnt use a plate so any binding will mount on the older ones. But i think the 2000-2001 and the newer 2001-2002 ski's would be the ones to get as they have the latest technology in them, plus the built in plate. Good luck
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The plate on 9.20 can accept other bindings (it is the 10.22 plate that can not). However, there are warranty issues if you use other than atomic bindings.


Speed does not kill, the difference in it does...
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Sorry Doug - I thought you were just looking for info on how to get a pair, not what they ski like!

Try this thread from about a year ago: http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum7/HTML/000009.html.

As others have said, they're a wonderful recreational GS-type ski. Very quick and lively and moderately forgiving for a GS ski, great carvers, love to go fast, and terrific on ice - an excellent all-purpose Eastern US advanced/expert (but not hard-core racing) ski.

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VK your wrong if your talking about the 2000-2001 or newer as the plate is predrilled for Atomic bindings and no other binding will line up with the predrilled wholes. I dont no a shop in there right mind that would drill into the 9.20 plate to mount other brands of bindings because of all sorts of legal problems they could run into, but if you did find a place that would drill into the plate thats NOT supposed to be drilled you would void the warranty on the ski, which would be just dumb in my opinion but to each his own.
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Well it looks like I'm going to get them after all and for less then I bid . Just worked out a little strangely. Going to put a pair of Look P8s on them as I just can't rationalize having 5 pairs of skis on the go. The X-14 s must go! Bought them too short for me anyway.
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Doug , before you mount those Looks give the ski sale this fall a shot , I know of a bunch of Atomic stuff going there. (might even be able to intercept a pair) Let me know.
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Leeroy, Thanks for the info. Actually I had asked him , the guy I'm buying them from semi ebay, prices on Atomic binding he came back with:
Atomic Cento 3.10 = $109. US
- Atomic Centro 4.12 = $149. US
so $222 can for the 4.12
Do you think I can do better than that in Calgary? If so great. I bought a pair of BR10.26jr also for my daughter in the deal so would be looking for one pair of bindings even if used my Looks. The 9.20s I bought are the 2000 model so no plate so no prob mounting other bindings.
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PS- Leeroy with this atomic "stuff" what kind of price would I be looking at for the skis - 2000 BR 9.20
2000 BR 10.26jr ?
Just for interest.

Thanks Doug
Oh do you live in Bragg creek?
for some reason got that impression- Just that family just bought horses and will be boarding in Bragg Creek.
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dc9mm - I own a pair of 2001 BR 9.20's and I'm using Salomon bindings. They fit the holes perfectly. I believe the 1999-2000 model couldn't accept other bindings, but the 2001 model can (and in my case, does).
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Gill do your ski's the "Atomic 9.20 RACE CARVE". have the plate that is part of the ski?? Its gray in color. (Theses are NOT Beta Ride 9.20 ski's were talking about. Beta Ride 9.20 dont have a plate so any binding will fit since there is no predrilled whole in the ski!) Since i no for sure that 9.20 RACE CARVE ski's of 2000-2001 and newer have a plate that doesnt line up with Salomon or any other binding other than Atomic. If Betaracer reads this iam sure he will agree with me.
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Actually, I do have the 9.20 Beta Race Carve skis. I got them when I returned my Salomon X-Scream Series due to cracking issues. I called Atomic and spoke with the shop mechanic. Both said there would be no problem mounting the bindings to the gray lifter plate. The binding I'm using is a 1999 Salomon SP 900 Equipe Alium.
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