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Freeride Maps online

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hey there,


I live in Europe and I'm looking for a shop where I can order some Freeride Maps online to plan next season's adventures. Selection and reasonable shipping prices are most important..The best I could come up with thus far is this one here http://www.bergzeit.co.uk/freeride-map/   Not sure if the list is complete or not...I have the feeling that it's missing some areas but I may be wrong. Maybe some of them never went into production...or will this coming season.

Anyway, thanks for any other recommendations. 


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Same maps as I've found on the Dutch company website that makes them: http://www.freeridemaps.nl/


They take 1:25000 scale maps and put colors in for the best freeride zones for each difficulty level. The site is all in Dutch, I'm affraid. If you want I can help you order.


Otherwise, you can get 1:25000 scale maps from Kompass. Great German product. http://www.kompass.de/

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You could also check out a Google Maps based layer that shows the inclination of a slope (30-35 degrees is yellow, 35-40 degrees is orange etc.) You read German?




And this website: http://wepowder.com/routes

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They are not specifically freeride maps, but I generally use DAV maps for Germany and Austria skitouring. 




There is an online tool for skiitours, but the DAV site is, in my opinion, very poorly designed. You can only really find stuff if you already know what you want... 

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