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Zermatt in Jan

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i/we will be in Zermatt over the New Year.  thinking of utilizing a ski school/guide and include a trip on the trails to Italy.  any references or suggestions? thanks

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I'd be tempted to wait until closer to the time before considering a guide. If there's not a lot of cover might not be worth it. Keep your eye on the wind situation for the Italy link and plan your day(s) there accordingly. Link does get shut for wind.

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I've skied and climbed in Zermatt many times.  While it is true that weather and conditions rule, even in bad conditions (and I've had terrible on occasion), it still will be a memorable trip.  Zermatt is unlike any ski town in North America, and your trip is well worth dreaming about and planning for; that's half the fun.  I agree it is far too early to organize anything now, but your idea to make arrangements through the Ski School/Zermatt Alpine Center is absolutely right.  Skiing anything off-piste absolutely requires a guide, both from a safety standpoint and from the standpoint of getting the most out of your time with a local expert on the terrain, conditions, etc.  Have a great trip!



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Prickly is right. New Years is very early to be assuming guide-required off-piste will be worth paying for. I can tell you it's not cheap. Watch the weather and consider it if they get a big dump before your trip. Watch in particular to see whether Stockhorn is open. There are pistes leading into and back from Italy. You don't need a guide for that.
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The Zermatt guides are excellent but the prices are nose bleed high. Definitely worth while doing if you are experts and can cope with steep unpisted terrain and there has been enough snow.


But as Tony says it is early for the best terrain and much will be closed. The Swiss guides are fairly cautious as there have been some parties with fatalities recently.


One thing you can usually do without a guide is the 20-kilometre descent down marked red runs to Valtournenche on the Italian side at least no guide required when I did it.. Access is from the Klein Matterhorn, also known as the Piccolo Cervino. . Alternatively, from the Klein Matterhorn, you can ski the 13-kilometre descent down into Zermatt, Switzerland a guide was required when I did this one. This was much tougher.

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When I was there last year I saw several groups with off-piste guides that where 'barely' off piste.  Never looked into it as they basically skied the same terrain as we were doing except they started higher and had to walk to the start of their fall lines.

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Originally Posted by Tony Crocker View Post

Prickly is right. 

I get all gooey when Tony tells me I'm right. 

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