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heli skiing anyone ....

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Not sure if this is the right palce, but .....

I have been thinking about organizing a heli trip next spring - end of March or early April 2004. It is my understanding that most reputable companies have a year (+/-) long wait list. If there is good repsonse from this intial inquiry details will follow. The following guidelines are better than guesses and subject to change:

* parallel skiers - not required, but it helps mucho! Friends have shared with me that CMH has several areas that cater to different levels. Needless to say, those that do steep and deep will get out of the corral (so to speak).
* budget about $4,000 American - I will get details on that. That figure should be all inclusive from arrival at a Canadian base point - Calgary, for example (if I choose to go with CMH).
* Depending on many variables a deposit will be required very early so that I can book rooms and heli space. Balance is typicaly due about two months prior to date of event. Deposit will be approx 15 - 20% of the cost. I am not yet sure of the refund policy.

I will have answers to all of the above and many other possible inquiries by the Academy for those who are going to the event in Utah 2/26/02 +.

Let's make this event happen! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

PS - send PM or respond here.

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Have you ever been heliskiing with a company? It helps if you have a history when it comes to these negotiations. I may be able to help, but I think March-April 2004 may be a tight time frame.

CMH prices get considerably cheaper after April 3.

(I would only go to an area that uses certified mountain guides.)

(We just returned from Galena, CMH.)

Check web site at CMH.

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It sounds like I can get 8 spaces in 2004 after April 3, when the prices come down a bit. My buddy at CMH will let me know what options are available for that size group, that time of year.

He said he'd send me a bunch of 2003 brochures and 03/04 price lists this week. If they come before I leave for Utah, I'll pack them along.
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