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Narrowing down my search for East coast all mountain ski- please help

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I have done a bit of reading and have narrowed down my search for an East coast all mountain ski. I'll give you my particulars and the short list of skis and I would appreciate your thoughts.
I ski almost exclusively on the East- about 10-12 days a year in primarily New England. I do tend to get some fairly good conditions but do need to deal with the east coast Ice as well. I am 50 y/o- 5'8" and weigh 160lbs. I am an expert who's been skiing most of my life. I like to ski the whole mountain from groomers, trees, bumps (everything but the parks). Primarily slalom and GS turns. Im not the guy bombing down the mountain but I do get down at a decent clip.

Here's what I'm looking at right now.
I've heard great things about the Blizzard line for my type of skiing and locations.
- Bushwacker- at 88mm underfoot and no metal. Will it be stable enough? Will it chatter? Should I go wider to the Bonafide? Should I go to the Brahma and just add the metal. Will the metal prevent me from enjoying the bumps?

- Line sick day 95- these seem like a good match too but I haven't really read much about them being able to handle a tough icy day in the east. Thoughts on these?

Please help.
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What ski area do you frequent the most? (Mad River may get you one answer. Stratton may get you a different one.)

Edit: In any case, imo 90+ is too fat for a one ski quiver for the east, especially since you don't ski enough days to be spending a lot of time in soft snow, statistically speaking. So I would rule out the Bonafide and the Sick Day. My two cents. Others will disagree, I'm sure.
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Thanks- I really appreciate your post and think you're right. My heart wants to NEED the 90+ ski but my brain really knows I don't and am probably better served in the 85-90 range. Regarding Mad River and Stratton I would say I'm split between those types of mountains. I guess I'm guilty of wanting skis for conditions that I want to ski, rather than those that I actually ski.
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Are you someone who has been skiing out west and now you've moved to the northeast and the area is all new to you?

I assume from your post that you didn't buy a season pass.

Which mountains do you expect to be skiing?

How many ski days do you expect to have this upcoming season?

Do you ski mostly groomers, or are you a tree-skier/bumps skier mostly?

Will you chase powder when it falls, calling in sick, or will you be an every-weekend skier, or something else?

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I have demo'd the Brahma and it would be my choice for an East Coast all mountain ski, although I think of it more as a East Coast 1 ski quiver. If you have other skis, I would suggest going narrower for an East all mountain ski, if you have a wider ski for deep (er) snow days. Something like the Kastle MX 78 makes a great East Coast All Mountain ski.


I am a big guy, 6'4", 250 lbs so I need the metal in the Brahma and the ski feels "medium stiff" for me. You are more in line with the Bushwacker and would probably like that ski better, unless you like to ski at high speeds over chopped up slopes (un-groomed) which need the metal stiffness. What I like about the Brahma is it carves reasonably well, is not bothered by deep manmade snow piles, and is somewhat relaxed, so you don't have to be "on" all the time. If you relax, the ski will just smear turns and cruise very controllable. I think dawgcatching described its tip as somewhat de-sensitized so the ski is not hyper sensitive. 


If you want something with a more sensitive tip, look at the Blizzard Magnum 8.5 or 8.0. Also the Kastle MX 83 is worth looking at.


You were asked a lot of questions already, mine would be:  Do you have other skis and where does this fit in your quiver, or are you looking for a one ski quiver ski?

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Wondering, would the Vokl Kendo also be a good choice for me to look at? Would it be more similar to the Bushwacker or the Brahma?
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I have found anything over 90 waist is not as versatile on the Eastcoast IMO. I demoed the line Supernatural 92 last season and Supernatural Lite 92 ( Need to replace my daily driver Line 90s ) liked both a lot,but the lite with a little softer tip would be my pick of the 2. And I am no small guy 5'10" 210lb aggresive skier and never been a fan of stiff skis.But did also demoed the Blizzard Latigo at the request of a buddy looking,and now they are on my radar for sure loved them,78 under foot so would handel most conditions,very turny and nice tip flex. Something to think about
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