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Matteo wins!!!!

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Congratulations to Matteo, winner of the prize for guessing the closest time for the 4000th member number to be assigned. He guessed Jan. 6 at 3 a.m. The next closest was TR@DV with Jan. 9 at 6 p.m.

Matteo, PM me with your address and we'll send you a brand new pair of Booster straps and EpicSki.com stickers.
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Congratulations Matteo!
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Thank you Nolo and AC.
Nolo, I've PM'd you.
May I take a brief moment to express how happy I am at having
reached this important step in my carreer, I wish
to thank my mom, my dad, my school teachers, my friends, and my mentors, who always beleived in me, in my possibilities to reach success and ultimately win the NOBEL prize...

Uh, I always wished to be a rocket scientist and to win the Nobel, eh eh, but since I'm no scientist, this is the opportunity I was waiting to make my little speech
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We now know the true identity of Matteo, the Wacko Jacko aka the Michael aka Michael Jackson.

I have disturbing visions of Matteo running around the house in his underwear celebrating his hard fought victory.

Matteo, use the Epic stickers wisely.

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Maddog, I sure will!
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