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Boot & hike mode

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Hey guys.


At 6' and 185 lbs I love my Salomon X3 120 CS boots, that were properly fitted two years ago. Until last year, skiing was almost exclusively on-piste in Europe. But now, I am hikinng more and more to where the powder is. So I'm looking for a boot that gives me the secure and precise feel of the X3 (and that also accommodates my skinny, longish legs), but that has a proper hike mode and a bit more grip on rocks.


I've narrowed my search down to 3 possible boots that I will try to find and fit properly, but I have some questions beforehand.


The boots I am considering are:


Salomon Quest Max 110

Lange XT 100 or 120 (regular or Low Volume, since my feet measure 99 mm and 103 mm in width)

Fischer Ranger 12


One general question first: does hike mode make as much difference as I hope it does? If not, than I all ese is quite irrelevant.


Some questions about the boots above:


1. The Salomon only has 3 buckels: will this reduce my sense of control and stability?

2. The Langes are not really custom shell-able (the others are). Given my different feet widths, will this pose a problem, bootfitting-wise?

3. The Fischers have a stated with of 101 mm. Since they are Vacuum-fit and customizalble, will a decent bootfitter be able to get them to fit my 99 mm wide right foot?


Thanks in advance.

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The manufacturer's stated boot width is the width of a size 26 boot. Bigger boots will be wider and boots that are smaller than 26, the width will be narrower.


I can't comment on the boots that you have listed, but the walk mode for my 2012/13 Tecnica Cochise Pro 130 boot has such a minimal range of motion that I rarely bother to use it when walking around in my boots. AFAIK the newer model has an increased range in the walk mode.


You may have noticed that I called it walk mode, not hike mode. If you get serious about hiking for turns, consider going to Alpine Touring equipment.

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I'm not familiar with the boots listed, but I'm here to say that boots with walk mode that have a good range of motion are well worth it when hiking. As DanoT notes, some boots' walk mode ROM may not be enough to make a difference, but level and down hill walking with a good walk mode is so-o-o much nicer.
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I have very narrow feet and have the Fischer Vacuum Ranger. The shop at JH did a really good job getting the boots to fit me via the vacuum fitting process and after about 30 days or so they still fit quite snug ensuring I have plenty of control while skiing. However, the Rangers, which have a wider last then the 130s can never get as tight/snug on a very narrow foot as the 130s. So it is a bit of a trade off. But that said, I still have had great success skiing in the Rangers.

As for hiking, the Rangers with their vibraham sole and release on the cuff to facilitate a better walking motion, is a big advantage when hiking up hill, over rocks or anything else that is slick versus the all plastic bottom of the 130s.
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