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Three more until 4000 members!

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EDITed multipley January 4, 2003 - see post(s) below

same on Jan 5th

Last edited at 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, January 6, 2003 with THREE to go - is this THE day?

[ January 06, 2003, 05:01 AM: Message edited by: oboe ]
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So, if it happens within the next 24 hours, I might be the winner!!!

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Oh dear. If FOX wins, will the prize fit? I hope it's BIG enough.
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Could the prize be a new inflatable EGO?

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Okay, one more hint: It's a strap on.
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Is this where someone from the Dark Side asks if it's an LS-9000?

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It's a BS-1999, actually.
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10am January 10th
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Oboe, make up your mind!!
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EIGHT more by 5pm tomorrow- and the prize is mine!!!


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You've been recruiting haven't you?
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I am capable of turning off the registration option for any amount of time. Bribes should be sent as a money order or cashier's check to...
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Actually, disski, yes i have been! But only legitimately!

I talk up the site to all the pros in our locker room, and to all my students(though I've seen pitifully few of them showing up around here...).

When "vera", Vail Pilgrim, Vail Ski Gal or any of the others are talking about something we have read on the site, others are always asking what we are talking about. We tell them about the site, how it works, etc, and how to get on. But as I said- I've seen very few follow through...

If they had- we'd have had 4000 several weeks ago!

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Damn old men are sneaky [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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hoo u cawlin OL', dis?

OK, ah AM ol'. Bettuh then thee alternative.


4000! Coming soon to a computer near U!
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Directed at VSP & his recruitment drive actually. [img]smile.gif[/img]

However I will allow that YOU may be a sneaky old man too!
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Thank you, thank you. Bear in mind that age and teachery will overcome youth and skill.
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Can you believe FIVE to go, and it's not even the Monday after the holidays yet?!
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not only "AN" I believe it, I CAN believe.

Oboe, you might need to adjust the title of the thread!

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Always helpful, fox hat. But it's member number 4000 with five to go for 4000 members.

I have a tennis match waiting for me, so fox will guard the chickens here for awhile.
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Are you saying you'd let a fox guard chickens?

Are you completely crazy?

Never mind that, I have a bed to go to, and I'm all disappointed that my funniest post of the day has been ignored!!! (OK, it is in the lounge, but I was expecting some kind of response!)

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Well, ya, I MUST have been completely crazy to pitch you that soft ball.
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DARN! Missed it by 5! Oh , well.....

Good luck to those still in the hunt! :
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Only three more members to go! The larger EpicSki grows . . . the faster it grows! I probably won't be here to see the 4000th member sign on if it happens today - I'll be out and about - but what a milestone!

The friendships I've made, the stuff I've learned . . . phenomenal, just phenomenal. How far back do we go, Pierre and Lars? And Pierre, reading your stuff now and reading your stuff then . . . still the same passion, but the writing technique has come a long way, from really very good, to excellent, to fantastic.

Bob Barnes, Tom Burch, nolo, Si, sno'more - we would never have met but for this web site. And you have already enriched, and will continue to enrich my skiing experience to the max!

AC, . . . I don't know what to say. What a work of art! Best to you. I can hardly wait to meet you, and so many other Bears, in Utah.

I'll be out, as I've said, but - ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!!!
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