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Youth bindings

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Hello. Looking for your opinions for Youth bindings.

My son is now 11 and ready for some serious skiing this winter ahead.

He is Din ~5, aggressive but lightweight young man.

spends most of his time in Park, so I got him LINE park skis, and separate K2's for fast paced groomer runs. Yes, this kid will get 2 pairs for the season because I don't like the idea of him skiing with trashed park skis with no edges here in Northeast when its time to hit the icy hills with daddy. LINE's for park are 88mm and K2's are 68mm


Looking at very limited options here.


Marker Free Ten

Head MOJO 7.5

Look PX 12


Any recommendations ?

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Is he still in kids boots or adult boots?  You have some bindings that are for kids and some for adults on your list.



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What is his BSL? If he is over a 260BSL (22.5) any adult DIN binding will do. Stay on the lighter end....Look/Rossi NX, Marker Free 10, Head Peak 11, Salomon Sth10. 

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Thanks for pinging in.

His Lange boots from last year are 286mm, but he needs next size up this coming winter.

He is now 24.5 so that means if he goes 25, it already changes then to 298mm (not sure about this I see lot of conflicting charts)

Yes, I realize I listed some Adult bindings but I saw some Junior models of the same.

I am not sure if I want to get heavier adult bindings yet, trying to stay as light as possible and this time around still do Jr. level bindings, DIN range will be probably ~5, max 5.5 this season.

Thanks for listing some of those bindings need to check them out.

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As a point of interest genuine junior boots have junior boot DIN specs (lower heels and toes) and genuine junior bindings are built to meet those specs. Same applies to adult boots and adult bindings. With a 280+ BSL it's probably safe to assume he is in an adult DIN boot.

It sounds like you are looking for a lower DIN adult binding as mentioned by Philpug. Lots of adult bindings cover the range you are interested in. BTW I don't know if you can use an adult boot in a genuine junior binding but I'm sure others on the forum can answer that question. 

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Hmmm. Well his boots are now LANGE RSJ60, 286mm and size 24.5, not sure if these are genuine Junior boots or not, but he will be definitely needing bigger ones for this season so, I guess, it is safe to assume we are talking about adult DIN boot and specs.

I find Marker Free Ten bindings, 2013 models going for $100 right now, this is what I am leaning towards.

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I believe that most mid to high level youth bindings also accommodate adult boot lugs. 

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The PX-12 is difficult for many adults to get in and out of.  I'd steer a kid toward something else.

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Originally Posted by Xela View Post

The PX-12 is difficult for many adults to get in and out of.  I'd steer a kid toward something else.

We have 6 pairs of PX 12/14 bindings in our household and would have to agree. Great elastic retention especially for park applications but they can be difficult, especially to release with carbon poles that might be on the flimsy side. 

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Rossi Axium 110 3.5-11 DIN


Good light weight binding for youth or tweener age skiers.  If you look around the www you can get them for $100 pretty easy.   

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