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Ill be there around the same time depending on conditions. Ive heard avalanche issues are significant and Im wondering how long it takes them to open up the "hike to" terrain after a storm?

Just a little while, depending on conditions.
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Much depends on when a slope gets opened...type of snow and whats below it, wind, humidity, avy work elsewhere on the mountain.  Telluride will no doubt get runs opened as soon as they are safe.  If the snow fallen and layers below it set just right, the run will be open first chair.  If the layers are unstable it may be awhile.  Ski in the trees to significantly lessen avy risk and avoid bomb trash.

Good answer, speaking of bomb trash, those chutes sometimes have unavoidable craters, some just sneak up under your tips.  I recommend scouting the run from the Prospect hike to escapes or Sandia run.  This angle shows the entrances, the craters, and the escapes although the eight through ten chutes are not visible from Prospect.


When the chutes are full and skiable (mostly without a core shot) patrol is really good at getting them open.  The priority is control the Prospect hike-tos, control Gold Hill to open that pod, then the Revelation bowl gets controlled, then the Gold Hill chutes are worked.  Palmyra Peak is the last gem not to be missed, best done on a deep day.

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I always loved telluride because it came with all of the sunshine and great colorado skiing without I-70 running down your throat!

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I just skied Telluride for the first time and loved it even though conditions were so thin. I am a sucker for beautiful historic towns and they just don't get any prettier than this. One thing I was surprised about--I'd always heard it was an experts mountain, that it doesn't have a lot to interest others, and I didn't find that to be the case. I know there is lots of expert terrain, but I thought there was plenty for more average skiers like myself, and I didn't find that terrain (the regular blues, double blues, and blacks) steep or difficult, compared to my usual haunts anyway. Because it was thin I confined myself to more limited terrain than I might have otherwise. The snow quality wasn't as bad as I'd expected given that when we arrived on Feb 15, it hadn't snowed since Feb 2 (and then just an inch), but for the most part it was still perfectly skiable/edgeable. 





We arrived on the Sunday of President's Day and it was very busy in town and restaurants were packed. We had to be strategic about getting a table for dinner each night. Siam, La Cocina de Luz and the parlor bar at the New Sheridan were all good. We did the "local's special" at the New Sheridan, which is a $16 sirloin steak (nicely done, btw) though they had Gigondas by the glass and that pretty much ruined the good value aspect. :) You can get a Pinot with it for only $5 if you want. We stayed in the New Sheridan and LOVED it. What a beautiful hotel, and it's an easy walk to the lifts. The slopes weren't crowded, exactly, but they also weren't empty--there were a fair amount of people there. You could find empty runs--I saw hardly anyone when I was skiing back to town. But I also figure that was because the runs under lifts 8 and 9 were borderline icy and everyone else but me knew it would be that way.

There is something I can't put my finger on-maybe that the runs weren't as long as I expected for a mountain with that kind of vertical, or maybe it was the layout (or maybe it was the conditions). But the ski area itself wasn't my very favorite. But I liked the skiing, and given the scenery and the town, overall I loved it and would like to go back.We just need to make our next trip more last minute, so that we can go when it's snowed.


We hadn't been there before because it sounded like such a hassle from Seattle, but we flew out of Grand Junction, via SLC, then SEA, and it was pretty fast and easy. Grand Junction is an hour further drive than Montrose, where most people fly from, but Montrose meant that we would have had to go back to DEN then to SEA, which overall was much longer. SLC also seems far less prone to weather and other delays than DEN. So it really wasn't that big of a hassle. 


It did not knock Sun Valley/Ketchum off the top of my favorites list. Baldy is the most fun mountain I could imagine; I think Ketchum has better food/restaurant options, and the on mountain food at Sun Valley is way better than anything we found on the mountain or in Mountain Village for lunch. But Telluride is now firmly in my second favorite spot. I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on conditions and going again when they've had a good dump.

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Turn around and go back now!!! Here is the snow stake cam from this am: I know I know, if it were only that easy :rolleyes



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We were there the week of 2/7 and enjoyed warm sunny days and better snow than we thought we would find.  Still, not the best of conditions though.  


I thought the on mountain dining was fantastic - the best I have encountered in the US.


We also plan to do a more impromptu trip in a few seasons and go when it snows.  I had wanted to do some of the hike to terrain, and though it was open, I felt like there was not going to be any powder to hike for so we stayed with lift served.


Skied a lot more moguls than usual.  Telluride has a well deserved rep. as a bumpers hill.  Our favorite part of the mountain was Revelation Bowl.  Mainly because it had the best snow.  

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 I thought the on mountain dining was fantastic - the best I have encountered in the US.

Then you gotta check out the on mountain food at Sun Valley sometime. :) We went to Gorrono Ranch, Poachers and La Pizzeria; thumbs down on all of the food. Gorrono Ranch is a great space, though. I heard Allred's was good, but they don't have lunch, and we didn't see the need to leave town for dinner.

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Ahh.  That explains a lot.  We ate at Guiseppie's. Alpino Vino, Bon Vivant and Gorono Ranch.  Gorono's BBQ was average.  Everything else was excellent.  



I went up to tip the guitar player at Gorono and we started talking guitars...nice guy and he asked me if I wanted to play some.  Here is a pic of me singing Folsom Prison Blues.



We also hit Alred's for a drink and appetizer one afternoon.  Great place to contemplate the view of town but not open to the public until 3PM.

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Looks like a Martin - good choice of songs.

We have a trip February 11th, and I'm salivating at the weather forecasts.

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Originally Posted by jmcdtucson View Post


We have a trip February 11th, and I'm salivating at the weather forecasts.


Surely you mean March 11th...otherwise I wouldn't get all that excited about those long-range forecasts.

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Ha, ha, yes. And 2015 is the year just to pin it down.

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Telluride is one of my favorite places to ski and is one of my top two resorts.  The town is small, but has great character.  Some good restaurants as well.  Beautiful scenery too.  

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Telluride by far is our favorite place. We were married there. Take the gondola at night for ride down into town for a fantastic view of the old town at night. For your intermediate skiers highly recommend Prospect Bowl, it has nice cruisers. As far as food goes we like the Floradora for a casual dinner and the mexican place I believe it is still called Sofios is great. You can't go wrong with anything in town, found Mountain Village to be to new for us. Enjoy! We planning to go back next year too.

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Figure I'll bump this thread because there's a lot of good info in here.



Excited to say I'll be there for a couple days in early March! Super pumped! Staying in town at a unit in Bachman Village with a bunch of relatives.


I think I've got everything I need to know about the mountain, food, and watering holes. One thing I'm curious about, and I'm sure a quick walk around town will suffice, is if there are any suggestions for cool stores to check out. I'm all about the souvenir game! 

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