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Cell Service at Bogus

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We're thinking of switching from Verizon to T-Mobile to take advantage of their international service options. Can anyone tell me if T-Mobile has coverage at Bogus?

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Verizon has the best coverage in middle of no where places hands down.  I'm sure someone can speak on Bogus specifically but you can't beat Verizon's coverage out west.

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Verizon coverage is great at Bogus.  My wife had T-Mobile around 3-4 years ago and had coverage ~65% of the time.

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We did end up switching to T-Mobile. Don't know if it was the change in carrier or if it was a newer phone, but the reception has been much better than with my old phone and Verizon. Still a few dead spots on the road though.


We had asked a bunch of T-Mobile people about service at Bogus and always drew a blank. We finally found someone who said "that's our tower up there" and offered a money back refund if we weren't happy with the service. We've been switched over for over a year now.

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