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Hello. I was wondering if anyone could give some advice in regards to ski length.


To start with, I am about 5'10 and weigh around 155 pounds. I primarily ski on piste in the east coast, but would like to try my hand at the backcountry eventually. As for trail difficulty, I mostly ski greens, blues, and blacks, but do like to partake of the occasional double diamond. I consider myself to be an advanced skier who enjoys a variety of terrain (groomers, glades, moguls, and steeps), snow/weather conditions, and speeds (typically moderate, sometimes fast, and rarely slow).


With that in mind, the ski I am interested in is the Atomic Ritual. After a non-trivial amount of research, I have concluded that the Ritual would likely be an ideal ski for my needs, a one-ski quiver that would complement my skiing style. The only question is a matter of size. I have never skied on a twin tipped ski before nor do I recall what length I normally ski on due to various reasons such as forgetfulness. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say between 165 cm and 170 cm.


I am greatly leaning towards getting the 174 cm Ritual. It seems like it would have a balanced enough amount of speed, stability, and maneuverability to fulfill my requirements. However, I cannot help but wonder if the 182 cm variant would be a better choice. If anyone has any advice to give, I would love to hear it. I look forward to reading your thoughts regarding this matter.