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I'm looking for opinions on the Dynastar Cham 87 blue.  I'm a pretty good skier, an ex slalom racer and have worked a season as a guide.  I have tried the normal cham 87 which were great skis for pootling about on and good fun in the trees, however, they were miles too noodly for serious skiing.  I've also tried the 97s (non-hm) which had a bit more spring but they are too wide for my purposes as I enjoy moguls and other silly stuff.  Has anyone tried the Cham 87 blue?  If so, how do they rate as a proper ski, closer to the 97 for flex.etc or still pretty weak like the standard 87s?  I would be running them flat with some old salomon lab bindings. 


I'm lucky enough to have accumulated a ton of other skis both at the on and off piste end of the scale so I'm not going to use these for full on backcountry or boiler plate ice, just as an everyday fun ski for typical european conditions, 


Thanks in advance.