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Bonafides vs Shreditor 102 up for other suggestions

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I'm an advanced/expert skier always searching for powder but its not always available. Looking for a ski which can bomb down a piste but also be playful and enjoyable in powder. I'm a 6 ft, 205lbs strong guy usually skiing in the alps.


The bonafide is raved about online but I'm worried about how rigid they are and how they perform in a foot or 2 of powder. On the other hand the Shreditors look more fun and playful. I'm not a park skiier but like to play a bit of drops or cliffs when found with a nice fluffy cushion beneath. 


I am planning on doing a season in another 2 years and will probably buy another pair then, a pair to only take out on powder days. So for now a ski that can deal with all the piste and the odd spot of powder when it can be found.


I am definitely willing to hear other suggestions, these are just the ones that I came across when looking around.

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The Bone is a great ski, but not exactly a powder ski.  I weigh 3/4 of what you do and I find the Bonafide not that stiff.  It works for me in powder if it's steep and fast enough.  For you, I'd expect it to be more of an all-mountain ski.


I have no experience with the Shreditor.


If you're going to buy a 120+ ski soon, I understand that you want to keep this ski around 100mm.  Do you think you'll end up with a 2-ski quiver or a 3-ski quiver?

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Yeah I'll probably end up with a 2 ski quiver, one around 100 and then some boats to play on. I've been skiing on a friends old pair for the past couple of years 170cm long and 80mm underfoot, had to basically jump between turns in anything more than a couple inches. So I'm sure the bones will be much better than that.

It was just when I tried some black crows and they just floated round that I really wanted something new. Problem was they got far to unstable at high speed...
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There's a slot around 80mm in a 3-ski quiver...

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If you're going to get a powder ski too, then get the Bonafide.  It's not that playful but it's perfect for those days where you're mostly on hardpack and only find the occasional powder stash.

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I'm a bonafide, bonafide rider. These things changed my life. True love affair. I'm 185 5'8" and 48. I have skied them in chop to 2-3' of powder, it was coming up under my arm pits at the apex. It was deep. No problem. Float well and dive deep. Yummy. I think the trade off with true powder skis. Is you give up some of that deep pow feel, Because they float so well. Super high speed stablity in all conditions. Only thing one problem I have had. I delaminated a pair. I think from skiing zipper line moguls. I usually ski GS turns in the bumps or SL turns. But zipper line. Not often at all. It has 2.5 sheets of metal. So I figure it didn't like the flex needed to do that. Other than that. It's an unreal ski. No limits speed and major stable performance. I demo'd a lot of skis. One year. Blizzard was a stand out by a mile. IMO.
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Bonafide  Mrch2014




can't comment on the Shreditor, 

as for the Bonafide, couldn't stop smiling from the time I clicked in.

Powder is bout the only thing I havn't ski with em & they rip it all,

groomers ,crud, a blast in the bumps.


one ski isn't great for everyone... but it's hard not to recommend this ski


jus MHO

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I've skied the women's version of the Shreditor so take this for what its worth.  


It definitely has a little more float in the softer snow but its not really a powder ski as powder skis go, especially for someone your size.  As for the comparison to the Bonafide, the Shreditor takes a little more effort to get over on edge and is quite damp, where the Bonafide is easier to make the edge change but you lose a little in float. 


I'd say these two skis are both all mountain skis with a strong off piste bias, where the Bonafide will lean a little to the front side and the Shreditor will lean toward off piste. 

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I use a Kastle MX83 183cm on hardpack...if it hasn't snowed in a week or so. The rest of the time I ski on a 180cm Bonafide.


I am 5'8" 205lb. black diamond skier. Since I am in my mid 60s I am not the hard charger that i once was so in powder I do not like to get up on top of the snow and go Mach III. In real powder (if you can make snow balls out of the snow, then it is not powder) I am old school and prefer to sink down and crank lot of turns, lots of face shots in powder and a 100cm wide Bonafide works perfect for me.


With the Bonafide on firmer conditions, at speed the tips will wave at you (just don't wave back) but surprisingly the ski at the same time feels very stable and comfortable under foot.

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