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length advice

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I'm looking to buy my first set of skis after years of rentals. I'm thinking about either the K2 Escape 5500 or the Axis X. I'm 6' & 195lbs. I'm an intermediate skier trying to learn more skills this season. Should I be going with a 181 or 174cm ski? Also, any advice on bindings to go with either of these skis?

Thanks in advance!
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I think the 5500 is an excellent ski, so for you I would go in that direction. Based on your weight and height, I would lean towards the 181, although that would depend more on where you plan on skiing and what the conditions are. Take a series of lessons and you should see your skills improve at a rapid pace.

I prefer Marker or Salomon bindings, but I ski almost exclusively Atomic (because I pretty much have to). Something with a DIN of 10 and not a whole lot of bells and whistles should be fine for the Axis or 5500.

Boots are the single most important item. Spend your money there and get them fit properly. You don't need or want a race boot, but you shouldn't get a beginner boot either. Dalbello makes an excellent boot for the money, if you have a Dalbello foot. Footbeds are also an excellent investment, even if they are the pre-formed plastic variety.
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thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.
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You mentioned the Marker bindings. I'm not sure whether they are available in the US, but certainly over here you can get rebadged Marker bindings for K2 skis. I've seen them on 3500 and 4500, and they looked good. (aand they are a good binding)

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I ski Atomic race skis (World Cup delusions), and unless I want to fork out the money for Vist plates or something similar, I'm stuck with Atomic bindings. Not crazy about them, but they have a few nice features that keep me from investing in new plates.
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