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Line p90 are too much for me?

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Hi all, was wondering if someone can help me make up my mind. Got a good friend thats selling his 186 cm line prophets 90 mounted with marker griffons. The skis are from 2013-2014 and they only been skied for about 5 days (bindings were bought same times as the skis). The deal is great since he is selling them for around 300$ but the problem is me.
I'm a beginner intermediate skier (I think- I only skied 20 days in my life), I weight around 100 gks (bout 210 punds) and I'm about 1.87m tall(6.1 feet), 29 years old.
Are these skis too much for me? Should I buy smth easier to ski on? Or I Could just get em and start getting better at skiing on them? I will get to ski about 20-30 days this new season mostly in mid-eastern Europe.

Looking forward in getting your feedback guys.

P.s. srry for my bad english, but english is not my native language.
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no, not too much! you have the size for the skis and you will be anle to progress on these, I'd say go for it!
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im about the same size, and own a pair of P90s in 179s i bought when i was starting out. I wish they were longer now. i think i skied one day on them last year, at Sugar in North Carolina. My other 14 days or so i never skied anything shorter than 180+s 

Id say go for it, and should be able to get them for less than $300


They ski short IMO

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Based on your height and weight, I say yes. Your experience (20 days) makes me think you might want to go shorter, but your age and the number of days you plan to ski next year push me back to thinking you'll be fine on the 186 cm. You'll probably be starting out the season on the flats anyway, so you'll have a chance to get things figured out before taking on more challenging terrain.


FWIW, I'm 5'-6" (167.64 cm), 165 lbs (75 kg), 52 years old, and ski a 179 cm, 91 mm waist ski. I ski a lot of days, and have been doing it forever, but given your height, weight, and age, 7 cm longer than what I'm skiing doesn't seem unreasonable.

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Thx very much for the replies. You think 300 $ is too much for this pair of skis that come with the griffons? As I said they are from last season and they only been skied for 5 days. They dont have any signs of damage. (This guy that sells them is my neighbour and drinking friend).
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Eh, probably not too much. 

As a comparison you can get the Hell and Backs, brand new with Salomon bindings for $429 from Start Haus.

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^how much for shipping you yurp?

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I dont pay any shipping. The guy selling them lives next door to me smile.gif
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^That's what I thought. I was referring to the start haus deal. I recently sent a couple o' pair of old bump skis to a guy in Russia. IMO shipping cost more than the skis were worth, but he wanted them and I didn't. I let him have them for free, and he paid the shipping. Karma points yo.

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I've skied a few runs on Prophet 90s in a 179 length. To me they felt short and very turny. At my height and weight I would probably be more comfortable on a longer ski (186.)
I weigh around 175 pounds/80 kilos and I'm around 70 inches/178 centimeters tall.
What country do you live in in mid-eastern Europe?
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You're the same size as me but I've got a couple of decades on you. Don't go shorter, grab them.
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hey, lets dumb this down...


the skis your buddy is trying to sell you will be fine, and its a good deal...not too long. youll enjoy.

dont read any more gnashing by the twitchy epic crowd...seriously

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I think they'll be fine for you. They'll probably be a bit long at first, but you'll get used to them. Much shorter and you'd outgrow them quickly as you become a better skier. If you're comfortable on intermediate and some advanced trails they should be good.

When you get them make sure to take them to a ski shop with your boots before skiing them. Even if you think the bindings are set right for your boots (i.e. if the previous owner has the same size boots), the forward pressure and/or DIN might be off, so it's very important to have a ski shop employee set them right.
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Price sounds good.  FYI, in Colorado shops sell used demo skis with binding for around $350, and they have a LOT more days on them.

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Originally Posted by tball View Post

Price sounds good.  FYI, in Colorado shops sell used demo skis with binding for around $350, and they have a LOT more days on them.

+1. Price is fair for a barely used, mounted pair - new Griffons alone are >$200. 


As for the skis, at 6'1", 210#, with 20 days under your belt, I think that they will be fine, both in terms of size and manners.  Line Prophets are reasonably compliant skis with a fairly intuitive turn shape.  While a strong skier can enjoy them, they don't require awesome skills or power.  They should not be too much to manage initially, and as your experience and skill grows you will appreciate the skis' performance qualities even more.  


Good luck and have a great season.  

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