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zipfit sizing

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I would like to buy zipfit liners.

I have a atomic redster pro 120 in size 26.5 / 1.5cm shell fit.

Fit is ok but I still have a little bit of heel lift due to my skinny angle.


According to sven from zipfit I should go for a 26.5 worldcup or gara.

but I have also read that zipfit liners tend to be shorter than stock liners.


Do you guys have any feedback on zip fit size with redster boot or similar before I pull the trigger ?

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in most boots i find that the 26.5 goes in the 26.5 but occasionally you need the size up, the toebox is neoprene so does act a bit like a sock on the foot rather than a restrictive fit like some stock liners out the box, biggest issue would come if you buy the 27.5 and it doesnt fit into the redster shell, i don't have a redster shell here in my size or i could check if the size up zipfit would fit or be crumpled at the toe

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Where are you located?  We may be able to put you in touch with someone that stocks Zips and could check for you.  I have some in my store and also Steve Bagley in Utah.  There are others of course.



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I'm in switzerland... except in zermatt it is impossible to find zipfit liners here.

That's why I'll probably order online.

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mountain air in Verbier also carry zipfit  but that is about it for switzerland

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        If sven Coomer told you to get the 26.5 get it. Sven is the creator of Zipfit. He would know more about the liner than anyone.

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