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WTB - 2014 Stockli SL

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New season coming up and I am seeking to pick up a pair of new, old stock non-FIS Stockli SLs in 150 length for my 11 year old son who just started racing last season.


I am willing to consider longer lengths and FIS compliant (for myself)

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I did find an eBay listing for two new, 2012 old stock 130 SLJ & 152 GSJ for $799 (no bindings).  Although my boy is still small enough that these sizes 'could' work for him for one season, it would have been a "one and done" kind of thing so made a couple of bids (final was $500 for the pair) so had to pass on the seller's final offer of $699.  I could see (from prior unsold eBay listings) that this seller had been unsuccessful in his prior auctions that he had opened bidding @ $599 for the pair so I was a bit surprised that he was insisting on the same $699 BIN that he had previously listed in those prior auctions.


If anyone else is interested, here is the auction page for these.  Good luck

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I've got some 12 or '13s that you can have on the cheap.
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Sorry for the delayed response.  Not certain why I didn't get a email on your post but I did just send PM & I am still looking for a pair of 165 SL's for myself (FIS or not is fine) but I did find a GREAT deal on a pair of used '11 Fischer SL 145's for the boy that are suppose to arrive from FedEx around the middle of next week.

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