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What to pair with a Soul 7?

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I'm going to pick up a narrower ski this summer to pair with my 180 Soul 7s. I enjoy those very much when there's a couple inches or more of fresh snow, but it unsurprisingly isn't all that much fun without soft snow, which has been often in Tahoe recently.


I'd like something with a different feel as well. I want something damper that I can make big turns on and bust through crud. Soul 7s are also not a lot of fun on jacked up leftovers.

I'm 5'10" 175lbs and am at this point a pretty good skier, though not so good that I would impress anyone who frequents a skiing message board in July.


I'll likely buy something used on the cheap at the annual summer sale in Telluride when I'm there in a few weeks, so I want to have as many options as possible. Last year I remember seeing a lot of FX94s and maybe some FX84s there. From reading @dawgcatching's reviews the fx84 sounds like a good fit. (I'm pretty bored by groomers and avoid them unless I have to, and I enjoy bumps and trees.) The Head Rev85 sounds like a good one too. The only thing I was able to demo at the end of last season was last year's Mantra, which I enjoyed very much. Probably more aggressive than is optimal for me though if I'm being honest (but busting through crappy snow and landing jumps on those stiff tails was a good time!). Also it seems like I'd be better off with something in the <90 category since I'll just ski my Rossis whenever a storm rolls through.


I've skied e88s and would like something more directional and stiffer. Same with Bushwackers. It sounds like Steadfasts are not the feel I want either.


Any other suggestions? 

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I suspect a Blizzard G-power FS or something similar would fill the bill nicely, a real hard snow ski. Or, if you want something really damp, though stable and fun and a bit more versitile, think K2 AMP Rictor 82 XTI.


Just out of curiosity: why not the Steadfast?

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Yes, those K2s sound like they would fit the bill nicely as well.


I was against the Steadfast since they don't have metal/aren't meant to be as damp.

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Kendo should be at the top of your list.  It's a 89mm narrower version of the Mantra (prior to this year's new rockered out Mantra).  Steadfast is still a very substantial ski in spite of no metal.  I like them both.  I think the Kendo is better for big turns and crud busting, while the Steadfast is better for shorter turns and softer snow.

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Kendo makes sense! Very helpful.


Definitely looking at the larger turns, harder (off-piste) snow end of the spectrum.

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