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Ski Portillo - 65th Anniversary Tribute

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Ski Portillo is celebrating 65 years and has put a video together to show some of the faces of people who make Ski Portillo what it is. 


And for a little Ski Portillo Snow Stoke...


They do a good job with these promotional videos because now I want to go there. :D

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Let's go. I'll be packed in an hour. Bucket list.
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I really enjoyed that, but I think I'd wait till September. Maybe the Santa Rosa will hit by then.
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It's always intrigued me, why is the water liquid? Is it just really hot there? Is it salty, or some mineral? Thermal?  

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Inca Lake? It's just really deep and spring fed. It does freeze and it's important, because that's how you get back from the best BC runs.
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I've seen pictures of it frozen. Just seems like most of the media shows it liquid. What I'm getting at Shred, is that around here, any lake that's in such a grand alpine environment is frozen long before the snow stats to build up. So there has to be something remarkable different about it, or the weather compared to interior BC. 


This also brings up another question I had, What is the proper protocol and procedures for crossing a frozen lake on skis. I gambled last May and crossed a semi frozen lake where every step I could feel the ice cracking. Saved me an hour of bushwacking but I can't remember the last time I was that nervous on skis. 

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Yeah, you don't want to go through the ice with skis on.
The lake I grew up on, claimed a couple of sledders every winter.
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When I was at Portillo in Sept. 2007 it was blazing hot while I was there but the Inca Lake was frozen.  Consequently I did a Lake Chute run each day.  If the lake is not frozen you had to climb back up most of the vertical to get out.   My understanding is that sometime after my 2007 visits Portillo has blasted a sketchy traverse through the lower part of the rock band so you can ski most of the Lake Chutes and get back when the lake is unfrozen.


Yes if mountain lakes are unusually deep they maintain a mostly constant year-round temperature and won't freeze.  Tahoe and Crater Lake are classic examples, even though Crater Lake gets ~400 inches of snow at lake level.


Inca Lake is not as deep, but the sun is strong.  It may be at 9,400 feet but it's also the latitude of San Diego.

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Great video tributes!


Portillo was the first place I ever put a pair of skis on, back in 1996.

And I'm very glad it happened in such a special place!

I had such an amazing experience back then, that I got hooked to it, and there goes 18 years of snow addiction.

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Just got back from my first visit ever to Portillo last week.  The snow conditions were less than ideal but what an amazing place.  The service, food, and atmosphere is hard to beat.  Took the kids and they had a blast as well.  We will return next year in hopes for better snow conditions which would only make this place a true nirvana. 

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