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K2 Sight + Look PX12 for light/aggressive skier

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I have two sons, 10 & 12 yrs old - roughly the same size:

Height = 4'10"

Weight = 80lbs

DIN is 4


Kids are strong but thin.


They have been skiing since ages 3 & 5, most every weekend from December into March.

Developmental/Race training for 3 years, then freestyle training for 2 years.


Ski mostly East Coast (PA), with 1 week out west.


Very proficient on any terrain, Big Mountain, Steeps, Bumps, and especially PARK.


They are in need of new equipment and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this setup:

K2 Sight 149cm

Look PX 12 - DIN 3.5-12


These skis are men's skis, but I am concerned that a 139cm junior ski would be outgrown in a year (currently have outgrown their 129cm K2 Juvys).

The Look bindings get great reviews, but they are at the bottom of the DIN range for that binding.


I welcome any thoughts/guidance on options here.



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They are the direct descendants of the legendary Public Enemies (with a touch of tip and tail rocker) and decent modern construction. They have a little more sidecut than other 85mm park and pipe skis (like the ledge, etc) which, I think is a good thing for everyday skiing.


They are shockingly stiff skis (for a Park and Pipe ski with no metal-I have skied them and considered them as a cheap all-around for myself)).  I think they'd Make a very good all-arounder for a strong kid who cares about park and pipe performance (50% of time). 


FWIW, The Juvy s one of the greatest youth skis ever, I've gotten two kids and several seasons out of a pair and they still are going strong. 


The sight is way stiffer than the Juvy.  Way.

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Follow Up: My fairly strong 12 year old is loving the Sight in a 149cm.  I'm impressed with the performance and it is a great all mountain option for a stronger young ripper who doesn't need a race ski and want adult-level ski construction in a youth friendly length.  I worried a bit about the stiffer flex on this ski, but it hasn't been a problem and he is skin better  than ever (as is to be expected as he ages).

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My guys have had about 4 days on the sights so far and they love them. They have not been bothered by the length and they are MUCH faster when freeskiing compared to their older skis but I am sure that will wane after the skis spend more time in the park. The LOOK PX12 bindings have been great, no pre-release so far so I am keeping their DIN at 3.5 as set by the shop that mounted them.


I love the looks of the 16ish year olds who see my kids with the same (similar) equipment in lift lines, but then they are even more surprised when they pull a "3" off a jump and land it.  Looking to see a lot more from this combo as the jumps get bigger in the Poconos (minimal snow in December) and the kids ski legs are back in full force.


I highly recommend this package for young rippers and park rats who want that 50/50 all-mountain/park balance.

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