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Ski Boots Advice

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Hey, I'm new to the forum and the technical world of skiing so please bear with me. 


I'm a 24 female currently in college in NJ and I've recently gotten back into skiing this past season. I've been skiing since I was about 4 growing up in Europe but stopped when we moved to the US at 14. I skied a few times with rentals till now. I finally decided to get back into it as I missed it a lot and ended up skiing at Windham in NY this past winter. To my surprise it came back really fast and I was skiing pretty well after a few hours on blues and some black diamonds. I decided I want to keep doing this from now on and started investing in ski gear and now I have everything except boots. I've been told that out of the skis/poles/boots/bindings, the boots are probably what are the most important because they have to fit and be comfortable and durable. I bought all my gear at Pelican Sports (had great discounts after season) and went back a few days ago to buy boots but they had none in my now I'm searching all over the internet but I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the brands and prices. I have no idea what I should get and if it's even safe to buy online. I'm trying to buy something off season because obviously it'll be cheaper and I'm a poor student lol. I'm also wondering if it's worth waiting more and if prices will drop even more the closer it gets to next season.


Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!



24.5 (sized at Pelican Sports)

Medium Wide


All Mountain (I'd like to get more into terrain park stuff, I tried a few smaller jumps/rails last season and it was fun)

Price range: < $350

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You can shop all over the internet and find great prices and have almost 0 ability to have good fit.  Unfortunately, there is just no way to do the boot part well without working with a good fitter.  And I didn't say a ski shop, I said a boot fitter.  Most ski shops don't actually have one.  There is a list on this forum and Mtnlion's link will help.


I've been a poor student twice and can say that if you buy the boots online you'll be poorer because you'll do it twice.



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I forgot to post in here saying that after private msgs I realized I should have posted in the general ski gear topic so that everyone can reply:


Thanks for the help though, I will be going to Heino's soon :)

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