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Blue Day on Middle Earth

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7 days ago the place was burning down
4 days ago the place was pouring rain
2 days ago the place was a travel void
2 hours ago the place was Vail Colorado, pow, sunshine and turns with REAL skiers
middle earth, never a dull moment

Oz has landed in paradise, lots of Hi, great to see you, how was your summer ... I mean winter. Fill in the paper work, unlock the locker and everything is just how you left it, lots of banter in the locker room, great to see the ski faces all alive, smiling and rejoicing in a new season with excellent snow.

Whats different ....

Oh yes NOW the locker room contains BEARS, Pro ski Bears, Bears that ski from the heart and talk from vast experience.

VSP & I skied together for my first run since August, Pow and ego snow, blue skies, no wind, just smiles, float, loose legs and TURNING. VSP had his Superman suit on and we turned and talked all day. VSP gave me some great feedback ... ah the elusive feedback, to work on for the winter and all is well in the middle world.

Best tip for the day was "you know with snow like this, as we go past people, all they can hear is the wind, no ski noise" beautiful ... skiing is an art for the heart and the Colorado Rockies are paradise.

Happy man Oz :

P.S. Attendance at the Epic Ski Academy is a not to be missed opportunity to ski with "TOTAL SKIERS" that ARE the mountain.
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Enjoy the season

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