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It's all just skiing.  Adjust your speed and turn radius to accommodate the slope and snow and weather conditions at hand and have fun. 

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I got a feeling that when Castle Dave talks about Eastern skiing he may be referring to the ski hills in Canada's largest province, Ontario. The biggest ski areas have less than 750 feet vertical and thousands of people/acre and mostly man made snow. If you refer to them as mountains, you are banished from the sport.


Skiing in Ontario is vastly inferior to skiing in Quebec, Vermont, Maine, etc. so when compared to skiing in the West, it's like it is a different sport.


Several Ontario skiers that I know come West for a few weeks or months to ski each year and just X-country ski when at home in Ontario.

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As an Ontarian, I'll +1 that Dano.  Local hills (NOBODY calls them mountains.....if they did, everyone would laugh at them) are good enough for my young kids, but we make do with what we have.  My daughter's goal here, for example, is to learn to carve cleanly.  Seriously.  Everyone here has SKINNY skis as well.  I showed up once with my E98's to Blue Mountain and you shoulda seen the looks I got LOL.


750' vert is indeed the max and even then it's typically not continuous fall line.  Total run time downslope is 2 minutes for anyone with decent skills. The biggest/best skiing in Eastern Canada is in Quebec, hands down. It's colder but hey, we're Canucks, it comes with the territory.


That said, I vastly prefer Vermont to Quebec.  Vermont has bigger resorts, greater vert on the whole, and friendlier people (yes, I said it.  Quebecers can be very snobby at the resorts, particularly Tremblant.  Vermonters are so friendly, they're like honorary Canadians LOL)

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Originally Posted by Castle Dave View Post

 Is this different focus because Eastern skiers don't have exciting/dangerous terrain and would really rather be skiing steep and deep or are they really happy seeking the Holy Grail of the perfect carve.


I'm not sure I understand this sentence - is Steaux not in the East?


Otherwise what Castle Dave is mildly fishing for is that apparently there are people for whom the carve or technique perfection are the things that give them most enjoyment.  I've got friends who say that all the training they do for instructor exams (at the expense of freeskiing) is hugely enjoyable to them.  I always suspect there is an element of self justification in this, just as I'll justify time spent not drilling or not in lessons/clinics or seeking out a patch of good snow rather than 20 good turns on a groomer as being more fun than the alternative.

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I know a whole slew of crusty old bump skiers who are more than happy with what the East has to offer. The challenge is what you make of it. Also, different strokes for different folks.

Spending most of my life skiing ice-bumps in the East taught me to appreciate low-angle bumps in Colorado during a snow drought.

One thing I think about, aside from the obvious cheeseburgers, is how any particular day where I'm at would stack up against where I used to be. The comparison doesn't have to be limited to snow condition or terrain.

An old friend used to say "any day you rip is a good day." I've had good days skiing in the rain, and not so good skiing 8-10" of fresh.
Both still beat working.

ETA: "rip" could be interpreted to mean ski at your own maximum potential, whatever you perceive that to be.
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