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Head Adapt Edge LTD fit

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Hi, I am trying to get a recommendation on fit for the Head Adapt Edge LTD boot. I am currently stationed overseas and do not have the ability to try the boot on in the size I am thinking about ordering.


I currently have the Adaptedge 100 in Size 28.5.  I find that it fits well length wise for my foot but I am finding that I am at the end range (tight) of the buckles.


I am told that the 28 and 28.5 are the same shell size and the only difference is that the 28 uses a slightly thicker footbed in the liner to make up the .5 size difference.  I use superfeet insoles so this is not really an issue.


I am thinking about ordering the 27.5 to get better fit on my leg and ankle but am concerned about the toe length.


In a street shoe I wear anywhere from a US mens size 9.5 to 11 depending on the shoe.


Can anyone with experience fitting this boot let me know if I would be making a big mistake going with the smaller shell size?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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How long are your feet in centimeters?


With that information we might be able to  develop an opinion about which size would fit. 


place your heel lightly against a door frame (no base board in a door frame) on top of a ruler and measure how long your feet are.



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If I am measuring correctly then:


Left foot = 27.2cm

Right foot = 27.3cm



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my foot measures 28.3 and I ski in a 27.5 (315mm boot sole length) if you follow that thought along, then most likely, you could/should fit into a 305mm boot sole (size 26.5) and not get sloppy in a couple of days of skiing---your toes would be fine once the liner breaks in or if the liner is heat molded.  There would be no reason to over tighten the lower shell and your skiing control would be phenomenal.


Read the article below and pay attention to how to "Shell Fit" a boot before you purchase:




this method is tried and true and supported by all the bootfitters on the forum.



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I am currently deployed to afghanistan so I have no way to try them on...I just know that the adaptedge 100s that I have now in 28.5 are too big.


Sierra Trading post is offering me 40% their already discounted price for the adaptedge LTD....I guess I could buy both the 27.5 and the 26.5 and keep the ones that fit better.


I chatted with them over the internet yesterday and they said I have 6 months to return them for a refund...that is good because I don't get back from this deployment until late september.



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zut....they don't have the LTD in 26/26.5.  I have ordered the adaptedge LTD in 27.5 and the adaptedge 100 in 26.5.


Thanks for your advice.



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Ok,  I just got back from 6 months in Afghanistan and two sets of boots were waiting for me to try on....26.5 (309mm) and 27.5 (317mm).


I did the shell fit as suggested at the link and in barefeet with my big toe lightly touching the 26.5 there is about 6mm to 8mm between my heel and the bottom inside rear of the shell.  When my barefoot is centered there is slight contact all around along the sides of my foot.


I next put the liner back in the boot and put on some ski socks.  The fit was very snug.  I could feel my toes against the front of the boot and they retracted a little when flexing forward against the cuffs.


The 27.5 had a bit more room between my heal and the shell (between 15 to 18mm...taped long 10mm and 8mm allen keys together to use as a feeler gauge).  with my barefoot centered in this shell there is about just a tad more room along the sides of my feet than in the 26.5 (I would guess 1mm to 2mm max with a couple areas lightly touching).



With the liner in the 27.5 the boot was definitely more comfortable than the the 26.5...my toes were still touching the front of the boot unless I flexed forward against the cuff.  As expected they were not touching the front as much as in the 26.5



When wearing the 26.5 my feet started to ache a bit right across the top of my metatarsal area to the point that my feet wanted them off.


The 27.5 was a more comfortable fit.


I understand the concept that the liners will packout and that the tighter boot will potentially equal more control...but I am not sure how much discomfort one should endure until the ideal break-in state is achieved.


So far I have 28.5 down to 26.5 in my possession (28.5 I have realized is too big).


So my question is...should I endure the discomfort of the 26.5 until they break in/packout or will they remain uncomfortably snug?  or should I go with the 27.5?



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Just spent 15 to 20 minutes with my feet in the 26.5 boots.  Again they are snug all around with almost no room to wiggle my toes.  I can really feel the 1mm longer length of my right foot over my left as my right big toe had more pressure against the front of liner.  I also think my right heel is a tad narrower than my left.


I buckled the top buckles and left the bottom buckles loose.


I was able to tolerate the squeeze but my feet were happy when I took the boots off.


Right now I would describe these as uncomfortably snug.....just curious if they will pack out to be the right boot or should I go with the shell one size larger?



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(on the 26.5 boots)---Tighten the second buckle from the top of the shell till it is too tight (uncomfortable), then back off till it just becomes comfortable around you ankle---then push forward (flex the boot)---if your toes feel fine in the flexed position, the boot will work and be fine (your toes will be happy) once the liner breaks in (one to two days skiing usually).  Never tighten the lower two buckles and don't over tighten the one at the top.  You should ski the boot tightened this way---the ankle buckle is the only one capable of holding your heels in the rear of the shell and your toes away form the front.


The 27.5 will become too big (poor control) with just a couple of days skiing


Good luck



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I disagree with Mike on this one.  If you only have 6-8 mm behind the heel shell sizing it is too short.  The toe box on the Edge is smaller than many boots in the equivalent size.  15-20mm is proper shell sizing.  Go 275.  Other than toe length, the Adapt Edge is a high volume fit, wide and high.    


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Was doing some research and found the Head Challenger 130 for a decent price... I read some very promising reviews about this boot and it seems similar to the adaptedge with a few nice perks...On the Head website the only fit difference I can ascertain is the Challenger is listed with a volume of 2000cc and the Adaptedge has a volume of 2100cc.  Any ideas if the Challenger boot would fit radically different than the Adaptedge?  Given how snug the Adaptedge is in 26.5, if I was to order the Challenger would it be best to go up to the 27/27.5 shell size?


Before 2 seasons ago when I purchased the Adaptedge in size 28.5...way too big...I as skiing in a pair of Rosignol boots I bought years ago (circa 1998).  At that time I had no idea about boot flex.  With an awareness of the concept of boot flex, my 200lbs finds the 100 flex rating a bit soft and so it got me thinking if I should go with a stiffer boot, hence the Challenger 130 (I can get them for @ $288)...


...the only thing is that no place in the Belgium area that I am stationed is currently stocking or selling ski boots right now (Decathlon won't have their limited selection until late October) so I am somewhat forced to order via the internet and I am trying to make as educated a guess on the size that I can as what ever boots I don't keep I will have to send back at my expense.


So I apologize for being a boob about this with all my questions and now throwing a different model into the mix, but I greatly appreciate all the advise you guys have and could provide.





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I have to agree with Boot Doc.  I rarely find it necessary to downsize customers and in your case since there is no boot fitter around to help with modifications and since your foot measures 27 I'd go with the 27.



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