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Head Raptor size

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My bare foot traced measured 273 mm long 85 mm wide at widest part.

Currently skiing in a 98 mm last Atomic CS boot and fit is good .

Wondering if 95mm Head RD shell might match up better for my foot dimensions than the 98 mm RS shell?

Will use 26 - 304 mm length in either Head shell

Trying on each shell I know would be advisable but not available to me .

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Hi roundturns,



     Best advice----check out the possibility of getting a pair of Head Raptor B2 RD Plug boots they go down to 93mm last width in a size 26.5 shell and might fit your foot width better.  


     With your width feet, skiing in a boot that is 98mm wide would be very sloppy, control would suffer and precision would not exist unless you were to over tighten the lower shell (cold feet).  Lange also makes a 92mm last in their World Cup series.




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I had my wife tonight trace my foot when it was weight bearing vs.when I traced it sitting in a hair without weight and her measurement was a little over 4 in.

I am flat footed and the footbed helps with this but I have little room laterally in my current 98mm shell when I take the liner out and shell size which I believe is why my current 98 mm shell secures my foot well.

Thanks for your inputs and comments.
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something is not adding up here, 85mm wide when non weight bearing...gets to over 4" (100mm) when weight bearing, that is a 15mm increase WOW WOW and WOW again, i see a lot of messed up feet every week but there is something very strange going on..... was one measurement done with the pen tipped in towards the foot and the other with it vertical , that would account for 6-8mm of the difference 

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I'm making everybody crazy with this. Sorry. It's likely with my flat feet when I sit in a chair and trace my foot without my full weight "splaying" my very flat feet my foot width is less.

How much and doing this tracing exactly correct apparently I have not done a good job at.

I do know as indicated above when I remove the liner from my current 98 mm shell boots there is very little room laterally and I do not feel any slop side to side or my heel moving even though I have pump bumps. I have experienced my heel riding up the heel pocket when I would suddenly decelerate in a situation going from groomed into thick chop , but never in the course of groomed, powder, or mogul skiing.

I buckle my second buckle on the first latch as well. Sometimes in the PM after lunch I have tightened this buckle to the second latch.

So all in all I think the 98 mm is about right . Likely I could go narrower maybe, but I think that would necessitate more grinding and tweaking in the pursuit of a tolerable fit.

As for the pump bumps , I am counting on the wrap of my instep and lower leg in the Raptor securing my foot better . I wear a 10.5 -11 shoe so a 26 mondo shell length I think is about right. I can't imagine a shorter last.

Thanks for everybody's inputs and comments.
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We usually grind a divot in the heel pocket of the shell in the appropriate position for pump bumps---this relieves all the load on the prominence and still allows you to tighten the ankle buckle to hold the heel back in the shell.


It seems the confusion about your foot width is coming from the way in which you are marking the paper you are standing on ---

you could use a square standing up at the 1st and 5th metatarsal heads to mark how wide your feet are---there is no need to trace the whole foot.  Do this weighted and unweighted on the footbed you are using in the ski boots.  Give us all the measurements--just curious.



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Just a tad under 4 in. With that measurement Close to 3 7/8 in measuring from 1st to 5th
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Then the 98mm lasted boot should work well----


Good Luck



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